CTE Data Review –Summer PEIMS

1.Introduction #

This workshop will assist in auditing and reviewing Career and Technical data at the LEA to help ensure accuracy, maximize funding and minimize accountability triggers. Getting Started: Log in to your OnDataSuite Account
  • Contact the District’s OnDataSuite Administrator to obtain:
    •        URL to data warehouse
    • User Name/Password 
    • Change in access
    •        Password Reset
  • Chrome is the preferred browser
Use “Log In Assistance” if you are the OnDataSuite Admin (Manager), or you do not know who to contact.

2.File Center #

Data Sources

  • TSDS
    • PEIMS – Student Information System (SIS)
      • Summer 
    • PEIMS CTE Student Roster
      • TEA Codes
  • District
    • CTE Transfer Courses

Check file uploads 

  • Scroll toward the bottom of the Data Sources screen to view list of files uploaded

PEIMS files

  • Click on “Info“, “Data” or “Edits” to open up and see list of interchanges/sections

  • Note the year and status of the file (final or preliminary).
  • This data will populate the dashboards/reports you are about to view.
  • We recommend a current year SUMMER PEIMS file be loaded as soon as possible, even though it may be a “preliminary” file.

 “PRELIMINARY file” means that the data is NOT the “FINAL” file that will be sent to TEA and therefore expect counts to change.

NOTE: Contact your OnDataSuite Administrator if  “fresh”, more current file(s) need to be loaded.

PEIMS CTE Student Roster

  • Ability to upload TEA’s CTE and Program of Study Codes from the TSDS PDM3-404-002 – Career and Technical Education Student Roster for querying purposes

CTE Transfer Courses

  • This upload is used to add high school credited CTE courses taken outside of your LEA that have not been reported to PEIMS by you.  The Student Custom Reports>CTE>CTE Coding Summary report displays this information and utilizes it to more accurately calculate CTE and Program of Study codes.

Click on manual link at bottom of screen for further instructions for either of these file loads

3.TSDS Rules #

Check TSDS Rules>PEIMS SUMR for Fatals, Warnings, Specials – access to SSN required.


  • Drill down on any button to Business Rules Summary:

  • Drill down on business rules to student level

  • Option to Export to Excel at multiple levels.
  • Corrections should be made in the SIS (the source) and new files uploaded

4.Dashboards #

Utilize Dashboards to get a quick overview, at the district or campus level, of the CTE information.

4.1.Summer Dashboard #

Use Year dropdown box to change year for longitudinal comparisons

  • Cumulative Information tab will display counts of students for anyone who has at least 1 day of attendance

Starting 2020-2021 School Year:

  • CTE V Code – Any student who has at least one 42410 record
  • CTE Service ID – Any student who has a course completion CTE service ID
  • CTE Auto Calculation- OnDataSuite’s auto calculation of the CTE code – includes 5, E, 6, 7

Click on blue hyperlinked values to display the list of students. (Access to view student details required.)

NOTE:  Any student enrolled, but not in membership will not be included.

4.2.Individual Student Profile #

NOTE: To view an Individual Student Profile, user must have access to “Student Details”.

Locate the “Search” tab, at the end of the blue menu bar.

  • Enter identifying criteria and click on Search to pull up student(s)
  • Once student list is displayed, use link under SID column (left), to access the Student Profile Dashboard

Best Practice: Right Click on SID to open Student Profile in new window.

Student Information>Industry Certifications

  • Displays multiple years of post secondary certification licensures earned with the Submission indicating when the IBC was reported

Summer PEIMS>Course Completion

  • Displays multiple years of course completion records along with a CTE Course column coded Y if Service ID is valid for CTE

Summer PEIMS>CTE and Program of Study Post 2020

  • Displays multiple years of the OnDataSuite auto calculated CTE Code and Program of Study codes starting with the 2020-2021 school year

Summer PEIMS>CTE Attendance Pre 2022

  • Displays multiple years of CTE attendance reporting by V1 – V6 eligible days present by reporting period up through the 2020-2021 school year

Summer PEIMS>CTE Attendance Multiplier Post 2021

  • Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, displays CTE attendance reporting by Service ID for all reporting periods’ V1 – V3 eligible days present

5.Student #

Locate  “Student” on the blue menu bar to view Career and Technical information including querying and reports.

NOTE: Use Report Search to assist in locating a report by title. 

5.1.CTE Validation Reports #

  • Summer Limited Scope Attendance Audit Review (TEA Desk Audit)
    • LSA Of Pregnancy Related Services
  • Funding Data Validation
    • Students With Homebound Or Hospital Code And CTE Hours In Same Six Weeks Period
    • CTE/Tech Apps Course Completion Matrix with No CTE Contact Hours
  • Course Completion Validation
    • Course Credit Duplicates

Best Practice: Review Report Notes in Tools>Report Info

5.2.CTE Custom Reports #

Folders and Reports in the Student Custom Reports section related to CTE:

  • Attendance Reports
    • Attendance Summary
      • ADA FTE Summary (in progress)
      • Attendance Contact Hour Summary (in progress)
  • Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Reports
    • Refined ADA Report
      • Focus List
  • CTE
    • CTE Coding Summary
      • Most comprehensive report on CTE students
    • CTE Eligible Days and Contact Hours Post 2021
      • New reporting V1 – V3 eligible days by Service ID
      • Base for CTE FTE Report Post 2021 report
    • CTE Eligible Days and Contact Hours Pre 2022
      • Reporting for 2020-2021 and prior
      • V1 – V6 eligible days by student, not by Service ID
    • CTE enrollment by V Code
      • Student counts, not eligible days present, by V codes
      • Longitudinal comparison by years
        • 2021 and Prior are comparable, but not comparable to 2022
        • 2022 counts only include students in V1 – V3 eligible days present
  • Discipline Reports
    • Action Reason Summary
      • Discipline Action Reason Code Trend Analysis
        • Focus List
    • Action Summary
      • Discipline Action Code Trend Analysis
        • Focus List
    • Special Programs
      • Discipline Action Reason Student Counts and Days by Gender/Ethn/Spec Pops
        • Focus List
      • Discipline Action Student Counts and Days by Gender/Ethn/Spec Pops
        • Focus List
  • FTE Reports
    • Career & Technical Education FTE Report Pre 2022
      • Old way of reporting CTE V1 – V6 eligible days by student
    • Career and Technical Education Advanced Courses FTE Report Pre 2022
      • Obsolete starting 2021-2022
    • CTE FTE Report Post 2021
      • New way of reporting CTE V1 – V3 eligible days present by Service ID
  • Graduates / Dropouts New Reports
    • Dropout Early Warning System
      • Focus List
  • HB3 Funding
    • HB3 Student FTE – Spec Ed, CTE, Adv CTE, PRS Pre 2022
      • Old way of reporting CTE V1 – V6 eligible days by student
    • HB3 Student FTE – Spec Ed, CTE, PRS Post 2021
      • New way of reporting CTE V1 – V3 eligible days present by Service ID
      • Note: Can also be found under the Finance>Finance Custom Reports>Summary of Finance (SOF) Reports>Student Funding Detail Reports folder
  • PEIMS Summary and Review Reports
    • Summer PEIMS Checklist (in progress)
  • Special Programs
    • Ethnicity & Special Program Trends
      • Summer filter with CTE special program (in progress)

Use Filter(s) or Focus List options at the top of reports to be student group specific.


  • Use Tools drop down options:
    • Export to Excel
    • Bookmark your favorite reports and enable sharing
    • Read Report Info to review a description of the report

5.3.CTE Student Report Center #

CTE Reporting Elements in Couse Completion and Summer Enrollment categories:

  • CTE Code
  • CTE Service ID Career Cluster
  • CTE Service ID Credit
  • CTE Service ID Level
  • CTE Service ID Tier
  • Post Secondary Certification Licensure (Post 2018-2019)
  • Program of Study
  • TEA CTE Code
  • TEA Program of Study

Matches Service ID E0724 found on:  TEA Approved CTE Programs of Study

Both state and regional programs of study service IDs included

Student Report Center>Summer PEIMS>Summer Enrollment

  • Select Summer Enrollment category
  • Select 21-22 Summer Enrollment School Years
  • Add Report Criteria

    • 1st Criteria = CTE Code
      • No Filters
      • Filter !, 4
      • Filter 5, E
      • Filter 6, 7
      • Filter 6
      • Filter 7
    • 2nd Criteria = Program of Study
      • No Filters
      • Filter all except 000
    • Mix and Match Filters
    • 1st Criteria = TEA Code
      • Filter away!
    • 2nd Criteria = TEA Program of Study
  • Green Create Report button

Student Report Center>Summer PEIMS>Course Completion

  • 1st Criteria = Service ID
    • Filter
      • CTE Courses excluding Tech Apps AND
      • CTE Technical Application Courses
  • 2nd Criteria = CTE Service ID Level
      • No Filters
      • Filter 1, 2
      • Filter 3, 4
      • Filter 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 3rd Criteria = Program of Study
      • Filter 1, 2
      • Filter 3, 4
      • Filter 1, 2, 3, 4
    • Mix and Match Filters

Student Report Center>Summer PEIMS>CTE Attendance Multiplier

  • 1st Criteria = CTE Attendance Service ID
    • No Filter
    • Specific Service IDs
    • Note: Service IDs here are different than Service IDs reported in Course Completion or Summer Enrollment. These are the Service IDs that will receive CTE funding.
  • Create Report

Column Options/Column Sets

  • Use column sets to store V codes after adding columns with Column Options

Saving Column Set with V codes

  • Drill down on grand total of query to see a detailed student list
  • Click on “Column Options”
  • Click “Add New Column”
    • Data Set = Student
    • Record = CTE Attendance Multiplier
    • Column =
      • Eligible Days Present V1
      • Eligible Days Present V2
      • Eligible Days Present V3
      • RA Eligible Days Present V1 (if applicable)
      • RA Eligible Days Present V2 (if applicable)
      • RA Eligible Days Present V3 (if applicable)
      • RS Eligible Days Present V1 (if applicable)
      • RS Eligible Days Present V2 (if applicable)
      • RS Eligible Days Present V3 (if applicable)
    • Year = 2021-2022
  • Click “Add”

  • Scroll to bottom of screen where the new V code rows are displayed and click to check the box under the “Save Select All” column for all V codes

  • Scroll back to top and click on “Save Column Set”
  • Type in a title
  • Click “Save”

  • Click “Submit Changes” to see query with V codes added

Loading Column Set with V Codes

  • Create a new query for investigation and drill down on grand total
  • Click “Column Options”
  • Click “Load Column Set” and use dropdown box to select appropriate Column Set
  • Click “Load”
  • The V codes will appear at the end
  • Click “Submit Changes” to see query with V codes added
  • Be sure to Bookmark using Tools>Bookmark to save your creations

6.Accountability #

State: Accountability Report Center

  • (CCMR) College, Career & Military Ready Early Warning System
    • Focus List
    • Industry Cert

  • CCMR PEIMS Checklist
    • Displays Post Secondary Certification Licensures (IBCs) by Submission
    • Select Summer Submissions option in the filter to only see IBCs reported in the PEIMS summer submission

7.Support #


  • Past recorded and Future upcoming sessions

Ticket – Use to enter a question, problem, or feature request with detailed information and click “Ticket”.

As you type in the Subject box, the Knowledge base search results appear to the right to help with answering questions before submitting a ticket.

Help – Use to search the Knowledge Base for information on the entire OnDataSuite system.

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