HB3 Board Goals Training

1.HB3 Goal Setting - Overview #

OnBoard HB3 Board Goals Setting

This training module provides information about the HB3 Goal Setting reports available within your OnDataSuite system. Items that are covered in this module will include the following items:
  • How to review historical grade 3 math and reading data reports.
  • How to look for trends over the last 4 years to determine achievable and measurable goals for 3rd grade reading and math performance.
  • How to use OnPar (TAPR) data to research historical CCMR performance and determine achievable and measurable CCMR performance goals.
  • How to enter HB3 board goals into the OnDataSuite system
  • How to save and set OnBoard goals using the HB3 Board Goal tool
  • How to view your entered OnBoard Goals under the HB3 OnBoard dashboard

2.HB3 Goal Setting Reports Location #

STAAR Historical Grade 3 Performance Reports Location

At this time, it is assumed that only personnel with administrative access will be allowed to make changes to the board goal settings.  To get to the HB3 historical grade 3 reporting section users will need to have administrative access to the system.

If you are logged in to OnDataSuite (ODS) and you click on the three lines in the top right hand corner (hamburger menu) as in the example below and you do not see the ‘Administrator’ option you will need to work with your local ODS system administrator to be given access to the system.

Once in the administration section to get the the HB3 Historical Trend Data report you will need to click on the ‘Historical Trend Data’ link under the Board Goals section as shown in the image below.

What if I do not have administrative access?

If you do not currently have administrative access to OnDataSuite you will need to contact your local district level OnDataSuite administrator and ask that they edit your account permissions within OnDataSuite to administrator. This cannot be done at the regional level or at by OnDataSuite.

If you do not know who your administrator is, you may contact OnDataSuite via the ticket system or by calling to find out who they are and we will send a request to your administrator for you.

3.Researching Historical Grade 3 Data #

Viewing Historical Grade 3 STAAR Data (Math and Reading)

OnDataSuite has provided a report that groups 4  years worth of historical STAAR assessment data into one location allowing you to view a four year average.

Users who have uploaded STAAR grade 3 assessment data into the OnDataSuite file center will be able to view 4 years worth of data desegregated as follows:

  • All Students – (STAAR File)
  • Reported Race – (STAAR File)
  • Economic Disadvantage – (STAAR File)
  • EL (Current and Monitored) – (STAAR File)
  • Special Ed (Current and Former) – (PEIMS File)
  • Continuously Enrolled – (PEIMS File)
  • Non-Continuously Enrolled – (PEIMS File)


3.1.Reported Items (Toggle and Summary) #

The STAAR reporting of grade 3 math and reading view provides a 4 year breakdown by the all student group as well as all sub populations.  The reported numerator and denominator values are all derived using the 2019 accountability manual requirements methodology at the meets or above standard.  To view the numerator and denominator values you must click on the ‘Toggle Details’ button at the top of the page.

  • A-F Targets provided by TEA 2019 Accountability Manual Chapter 4 – Closing the Gaps Performance Targets Page 45
  • 4 Year visual trend line graphic representation of each year %age
  • 4 Year Average (Average of all 4 year percentage values)
  • +/- Gain Loss of %age from prior reported year
    • Note: The gain/loss represented for the 2016 year is based off the difference between 2015 to 2016 but the 2015 year is not shown.

Details hidden – Toggle Summary View
When the summary view is toggled ON only the percentage of students at the ‘meets or above’ (Reading and Math) or the percentage of students ‘meeting CCMR performance status’ will show in each column. The numerator and denominator values associated with the calculated percentages will not show.

Details Shown- Toggle Details View
When the details view is toggled ON both the percentage of students at the ‘meets or above’ (Reading and Math) or the percentage of students ‘meeting CCMR performance status’ will be displayed in each column along with numerator and denominator values associated with the calculated percentages. 

If numerator or denominator values appear to be out of expected range, please check your file upload status for the year(s) in question to confirm all associated files have been processed.

3.2.HB3 Analysis vs Summary Views #

There are two types of views available in the historical analysis report.  

The HB3 Analysis view will only show the 3rd grade reading and math data and will include a header with the accountability goal target and the graphical representation of the four year trend. 

The ‘Show All Performance Levels & Grades” will show all grades and all subjects but will not include a header with the accountability goal target and the graphical representation of the four year trend. 

3.3.Required Upload Files #

Required Uploaded Files
Please note that there are several calculations that require historical data be uploaded into the OnDataSuite file center. If you are seeing ‘off’ numbers in your numerator and denominator counts please review your file uploads to make sure the following files have been uploaded. 

(Used for All student, all ethnicity & Economic Disadvantaged counts)

In order for any 4 year average to be calculated, ALL STAAR grade 3 assessment files must be uploaded for 2015 through 2019. This would include any updated files received later throughout the year. In the absence of a year value, the four year average will not be calculated)

(Used for EL (Current & Monitored), Special Ed (Current and Former), Continuously Enrolled & Non-Continuously Enrolled Counts. )

PEIMS Fall & Summer files must be loaded to determine EL, SPED and Continuously /Non Continuously enrolled


4.Researching CCMR using OnPar #

Just as you are able to use Grade 3 data files to analyze reading and math trends you can also use OnDataSuite’s OnPar system to analyze historical CCMR data.  To view the OnPar data click on the OnPoint logo in the top left corner and select OnPar.


The OnPar system utilizes the state released TAPR files to provide you with all historically released TAPR data. This section will show you how to pull up CCMR Specific data within this system.

4.1.Finding Historical CCMR data in OnPar #

How to pull a report in OnPar

When you are in OnPar make the following selections in the exact order shown below

  1. At the top of the screen select the ‘My Reports’ link
  2. Under the TAPR Report Builder section, click on the ‘ College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR)’ once
  3. From the drop down criteria selector choose ‘College, Career, and Military Graduates’
  4. From the next drop down selector choose ‘Annual Graduates’


Reviewing Historically Reported Data in OnPar

Once these selections have been made you should now see a graph to the side of your selected criteria and below you will see all of the available historically reported CCMR Annual Graduates for your district.

5.HB3 Board Goal Setting #

Equipped with the knowledge you have obtained from the 3rd grade historical Math and Reading report you can now enter the HB3 Board Goal Setting section of OnDataSuite by again clicking on the hamburger menu and going to the administrator tab. Click on the HB3 Goals Settings icon.

5.1.Setting Goals #

Users can set goals for all locations using the HB3 Goals section but only the All Students column goals are used to populate the OnBoard Dashboard widgets. This section will show you how to set your goals, save your goals and when you are ready,  SET your goals officially to your OnBoard dashboard to be viewed by board members.

Setting your goals
To set a goal start by entering the final year target goal first. This would be the final row of each column. Once you enter a value in the final target year each individual yearly goal above will increase by a calculated percentage point between the initial (current year) target goal and your final entered target goal.

Note: The 2019 Target was established by the 2019 TEA Accountability manual, chapter 4, closing the gaps performance targets page 45. We also have provided the TAPR result for the year to help you determine the reasonableness of your entered target goal for the first year. TAPR results will continue to be placed in the dashboard for each following year when they are released.

In the example below, the final goal of 55% was entered and each year above was calculated and populated. 


How is this calculated?

The formula used to determine the incremental targets for each year is as follows using the example above:

  1. Determine the minimum incremental value needed to achieve final year target.
    Subtract the 2019 target from the entered 2024 target value.  ( 55% – 44%) = 2.2%
  2. Add minimum incremental value to each year.
    Add 2.2% to each year prior to determine the expected following year growth at 2.2% ( 44% + 2.2%) = 46.2%



5.1.1.Override Baseline HB3 Goals #

Districts with student populations that fall below the preset HB3 baseline targets may wish to adjust their 2019 baseline targets. To make changes to any of these locations please follow the steps below:


1.  Click on the grey ‘Override Baseline HB3 Goals’ button


2. Enter your initial baseline goal (You should now see all baseline target fields as open fields as shown below.)


3.  After you have made your changes, click on the orange ‘Save Baseline HB3 Goals’ button


4. Click on the green ‘Save Goals’ button.
Note: This will only save the updated goals to the administrative goal setting section and will not change the actual board goal view under OnBoard until the next step.


5. Click on the blue ‘Set OnBoard Goals’ button to finalize your goals and send to OnBoard board dashboard view.
Note: Only do this step when you are ready to publish your goals to the OnBoard Dashboard. Details are covered in this module in the steps below.

5.2.Saving/Changing Your Goals #

Changing/Saving your goals (Does not publish to OnBoard)

Users can use the HB3 Goal setting area to set goals for all sub-populations in 3rd grade reading, 3rd grade mathematics & CCMR Performance standards.

Any time you change set goals within the system in any location you will need to click the ‘Save Goals’ button to make sure they are saved. Saving DOES NOT change anything on the OnBoard Widget. It just saves all  your work in the goal setting sections.

Saving Goals

5.3.Setting OnBoard Goals #

Setting OnBoard Goals (This WILL make changes to your OnBoard HB3 dashboard)

Any change made will not be seen on the OnBoard dashboard widget unless the  ‘Set OnBoard Goals’ button has been clicked. Please note that this should only be done by an administrator. Once this button has been clicked, any All Student goal will automatically update the OnBoard widget.


6.Viewing Set Goals in OnBoard #

To view your set goals in the OnBoard section of OnDataSuite start by clicking on the OnPoint drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen and select OnBoard.

Once in the OnBoard section click on the HB3 link at the top of the screen

You should now see all of the goals you set in the three dashboard sections.

  1. First year baseline data determined by A-F Closing the Gaps Target
  2. 5 year (future state) Target.
  3. OnDataSuite Preliminary A-F data as determined from individual data files uploaded into OnDataSuite
  4. On Track to Meet = If TAPR result is equal to or greater than current year goal.
  5. On Track to Exceed = If TAPR result is greater than next year goal.



7.Displayed Data Associations #

The board goal dashboards are populated from different points of data. This section provides details for each column value.

Board Goal
Displays entered in the HB3 Goal Setting section of OnPoint.

ODS Prelim A-F (Reading & Mathematics)
Displays calculated  3rd grade math and reading PRELIMINARY results. These data items are calculated for only grade 3 using the same methodology used for the all student closing the gaps reports used in the OnDataSuite A-F Domain 3 model.

ODS Prelim A-F (CCMR)
Displays preliminary CCMR All Student percentage based on OnDataSuite A-F calculated CCMR Performance Status (High Schools, K-12s, and District) using ODS – Raw Data Files and can be reviewed under the Accountability, A-F reporting section of OnDataSuite.

Update: Report to be updated as follows in next release.

We are in the process of updating this value to be superseded by the CCMR Performance Status (High Schools, K-12s, and District) values provided by TEA through the TEAL site and uploaded into the OnDataSuite file center.

In the absence of this file upload the data will default to the ODS Raw Data File for calculation and representation.

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