OnDataSuite Training Calendar

2018-19 Training Calendar

1.OnDataSuite Training #

OnDataSuite Training Calendar

2.How to register for OnDataSuite Workshops #

Please register for any session relevant to you, by logging into your OnDataSuite Account and using the “Support” tab / “Training” sub tab.



  • Each Webex training session will be recorded and posted, along with the handouts, within the OnDataSuite system.

Location: “Support” tab / “Training” /” Past Training”.

  • The sessions will last between 30-min and 1 hour.
  • Most sessions will end with a “What’s New” in OnDataSuite, to help keep you updated. NEW!
  • Sessions will allow for interaction to discuss best practices, as well as Q and A. (We want to hear how you are using the system.) NEW!

3.Video guide to workshop registration #

Please review the video below to learn how to search for upcoming OnDataSuite workshops and register for them through your logged in OnDataSuite account.

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