District Level Training 1 – onsite

1.Training Overview #

This training will provide an overview of OnDataSuite:

  • OnPoint enables users to pull data from across years, test administrations and collections, to provide unprecedented access to multiple data sets in one system. It features PEIMS and Assessment data, and merges into Accountability, Federal and State, and PBMAS.
  • OnPar contains public released data, such as the TAPR, to enable users to compare district and campus data with any other district/campus in the state.
  • OnView provides a link for districts to display their TAPR data on their websites in an interactive graphical form.

2.Access #

How to access OnDataSuite:

  • URL: (example:  Anna.ondatasuite.com )
  • Browser: Chrome preferred

  • See the OnDataSuite Administrator for:
    • Login:  The User name assigned to the account
    • Password:
      • Case sensitive
      • Maybe change by user
      • System does not “save”, must be “reset”
    • Permission levels will be set to adjust the amount and type of data that can be accessed.

3.File Center #

The File Center is located on the top black menu bar.

Data Sources

  • PEIMS:  TSDS (Interchange files) and Legacy (ASCII EDIT+ files)
  • TEA Cohort List: (TEASE/Accountability Application-requires individual Superintendent permission)
  • 504
  • ETS files (STARR/TELPAS)
  • ACT
  • College Board
  • TSIA


4.Dashboards #

District and Campus Level views for multiple years.

Fall Dashboard– student counts from PEIMS Snapshot data (last Friday in October)

Click on any link to produce a list (student/staff)

  • Sort by column
  • Export to Excel
  • Bookmark
  • View profile


View student profile/dashboard by drilling down from a student list or search.(permission required)

  • Student Information – Overview/Leaver/Graduation/Title 1/Course Completion/CTE Hours/SPED Hours
  • Enrollment – PEIMS SnapShot/ Attendance/ SPED Restraint/ CTE/ Cohort
  • Assessment -STAAR 3-8/ EOC
  • College Board
  • ACT
  • Attendance/Discipline
  • PBM


Summer Dashboard -total number of days in membership, present, absent

Drill down, using hyper links, to find the list of students who made up the count of days.



Campus List – under construction

  • To drill down to list of “teachers”, click on the hyper link.
  • Once a list of teachers is generated, click on their ID column ((permission required), to view their profile/dashboard.


Staff Profile/Dashboard


Academic Dashboard Tab

  • Attendance/Discipline percentage by reporting periods

  • STAAR, TAKS, and TELPAS assessment data


  • Operational Dashboard Tab
  • Staff experience and retention percentages available by district and campus.


  • NOTE: Master schedule available on  campus dashboard only

5.Student/Assessment/Staff/Finance #

We will focus on the Student section, but the Assessment, Staff, and Finance areas all use the same functionality.

Use this section to produce reports, work with student lists, and add data from different data sources to help districts develop/maintain data accuracy procedures.


Data Validation & Custom Reports

  • SEARCH for a report
  • Click on a folder to open developed reports
    • Validation reports are duplicated from TEA audit queries.
    • Custom Reports were created by ODS users/programmers.
  • Click on the report title to generate results.


  • Use “Tools” to Export to Excel, Bookmark to save/share reports, Report Info to find more information about the selected report.


Report Center

Basic Report Building (Ad Hoc)

Unlimited Ad hoc reports may be created using PEIMS reporting areas and elements, plus a few additional student categorizes. (504)


Instructions for Creating Ad Hoc Reports

? – Help option to explain the data source and description for each record in the Student Report Center

  • Select a Record from Report Center
  • Select a data element(s) from the “Criteria:” drop down box(es)
  • Select “Filter” (located on the right) list of codes for the data element (optional)
    • Choose the code or codes to include on your report. (search feature)
    • Leave the boxes blank & all codes, with a value, will be on the report.
  • Click “Create Report”


Fall Enrollment” -Select year(s) for the report- if none are selected, all of the years of data will pull

  • Select the “Criteria: 1” – “Grade Level”-a data element from drop down box.
  • Select “Filter” (located on the right) -Optional
    • This will produce a list of all codes for the data element.
    • Choose the code or codes to include on your report or leave the boxes blank and all codes with a value will be included.
  • Continue to Select “Criteria:” for additional data elements and filters as needed
  • Select the “Create Report” button

Use Report Options with your ad hoc report (Located in upper right corner of the report)

  • Graph Control (Pie, line or bar graph can be created.)
  • Heatmap On/Off (Makes it easier to see high and low points in the data.)
  • Export to Excel –creates data in a spreadsheet.
  • Bookmark (To save the parameters of the report or to share your report with other ODS users)
  • Display Percent’s for each of the columns

Select “Print”- to create a hard copy (top left corner, black menu bar)

To Generate a list of students/staff, click any number in any row or column. They are linked to the list that make up the count.


Use “Column Options” on any staff or student list to pull from various data sources, collections and years.

  • ADD Columns of data
  • Edit existing Columns
  • Change the appearance of the report.

To add a column of data to the list

  • Select a “Data Type”
  • Select a “Record”
  • Select a “Column” -may select multiple
  • Select a “Year”

Click the  “Add Columns” button to place new data at the bottom of the display

Click “Done” to generate the report.


To EDIT existing columns/rows:

  • Relabel the Title of a row instead of using the default Title. It is a free form field.
  • Use the drop down to select a different year for the data.
  • Change the “Display Type” to “Description” or the PEIMS “Code” or both.
  • Select a row of data to be “Hidden” when the report displays
  • Grouping” allows the user to pull the report by selected criteria.
  • To Remove a column of data, click the trash can icon.
  • Reorder the of rows by using the blue up/down arrows.

6.Accountability #

PEIMS and Assessment data is used in various Accountability areas:

  • Federal
  • State
  • Performance Based Monitoring – PBM
  • Data Validation Monitoring- DVM

Select the folder and locate the desired report or indicator. Click on the link to generate the report.

See available filters and tools for each report.

  • NOTE: PBMAS features a “Toggle the Difference Tool” to display what is not on the original report.
  • For example: Which students did NOT pass the STAAR test.

7.OnPar/OnView #

The OnPar/OnView pieces of the suite, utilizes TAPR (Texas Academic Performance Rating) and other public data sources, preloaded by the OnDataSuite staff as soon as it is released by TEA.

OnView-Visualize the TAPR data for the region, on the ESC website.




OnPar  provides users with powerful resources to easily build comparison reports/graphs for multiple years and and for multiple districts/campuses in the state, using any peer group desired.

Build reports:


  • Add Criteria
  • Report graphed with state and region comparisons.
  • Multi year data provided
  • Add Peers


Use “District Rate” drop down to filter by Campus or Student groups.

Down load  or print the graph and the data set.


Creating PEER Lists:


Create Manual Peer Groups and/or let the system Automatically “find” districts’ campuses that meet the criteria selected uses the tabs and slider bars.

Use this lists for  “My Reports” to build comparison data charts and spreadsheets for multiple years.

8.Support/Training #

The ‘support’ link is located at the top of the screen in the black menu bar.






Please provide as much detail as possible so that our team can respond as soon as possible to your question or concern.


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