Advanced Data Gathering and Report Building

1.Understanding OnDataSuite Reporting Layouts #

The OnDataSuite reporting layout screens are laid out into three separate sections. These sections will function the same regardless of the OnPoint section that you are researching or creating reports for.

1.  The Report Center
The report center allows user to query the tables of data that have been uploaded into the file center. While the layout of the screens all look very similar it is important to remember the section that you are in will determine the level of data that you will be able to run reports on.

The example below shows the view from under the STAAR Grades 3-8 Assessment tab. This means all the values that are within this section will only pertain to the STAAR 3-8 files uploaded into the file center.

From this point in the system users can query and create reports from all the years of STAAR 3-8 data that they have uploaded. To initiate this process click on the test subject table you wish to research in depth.  Once you have made the first selection a corresponding filter option will appear to the right of each selection.

Once you have completed your selection and filter process you can click the ‘Create Report’ button and the system will generate an aggregate report based on your selections.

2.  The Focus List Section
This section allows users to create a filtered overlay of selected student or staff from within the Report Center when a focus list is selected from the drop down menu selector. The default value is set at the ‘All Student’ level. When a focus list is selected the found items from the related report center selections will only retrieve data for the students, or staff that were selected from the focus list.

Example: If you create a focus list of 100 At-Risk students from the drop down menu selector and then select Math from the report center and add the criteria of students that did not meet the state standard, your report can only generate 100 or less students on the returned list.

3.  Custom Reports
In an effort to save users time, frequently used reported items from within each area can be found in the custom reports sections of each section of OnDataSuite. Reports are automatically generated when the user clicks the link.  Some areas may have expanded sections located within the custom reports area depending on the OnPoint area you are working inside.


Example of generated custom reports









2.Creating A Focus Lists From Aggregate Data #

Focus lists can be created from any aggregated data list within OnPoint. In this example we are going to create a Focus list based on the students that Did Not Meet the state standard for Reading  within 5 Raw points.







The first thing you will need to do is enter the Assessment section of OnPoint and select STAAR Grades 3-8.








Next, from within the report center, select Reading and filter for only the last year. Then for your 1st criteria select the scale score and use the slider to select your lowest range and highest range you wish to have returned.

In this example we are selecting the correlating scale score to the raw score conversion of students that Did Not Meet the state standard within 5 raw points.

After you have made your selections and filtered them appropriately you can now generate the report by clicking the ‘create report’ button.

Your generated report will show all values individually and there will be an aggregate count at the bottom of the list. Click on the aggregate total at the bottom.










When clicking on any aggregate total from with OnPoint you will be taken to the student list view.









While in list view click on the “Focus List” button at the top of the list.





A window will appear asking you if you wish to create a new focus list or if you wish to append this list to another list that you have already created. For this example select the first option.

You can rename this focus list during this time or you may leave it to default to the reported list value title if you wish.










After you click submit you will receive a final confirmation window letting you know that it has been saved.








Your focus list has now been saved and you can locate it in the black menu bar at the top of the logged in OnDataSuite screen.  If you wish to make changes to the list like rename it or delete it completely this can be done in this area.





Now that you have created your Focus List you can apply it to any report within the Onpoint system report centers and in some instances you can even filter down pre built reports using your focus lists filters as well.  Simply click on the Focus List box located above each Report Center and select your Focus List from the drop down.

When you make this selection any report you generate using the report center – report builder option will apply the focus list filter to the found data set results within your generated reports.

Now that you have selected this Focus List you can continue to build your report in the report center as you normally would by making your selections on the left and filtering them on the right and hitting the create report button.







Focus List selections from within the report center section will only apply to the reports you create. They will not apply to any of the items in the custom reports section. However, there are several reports from within these sections that will also allow you to apply your Focus Lists as well.

In the example below we are applying the Focus List to the custom 3-8 Performance Report.


3.Creating A Focus Lists From CSV Files #

You may find on occasion that you have a list of students that were not generated from within OnDataSuite’s Onpoint system that you would like to create a Focus List of.

To do this first click on the Focus List link at the top of the OnDataSuite page and then from within this window click on the orange ‘Upload Focus List’ button located in the right hand corner of the screen.


Then follow the steps outlined on the page:

Step 1. Declare if this file is to be attached to a Student List or a Staff List.

Step 2. Give the focus list a title

Step 3 (A) Choose a local .CSV file to upload or (B) Enter comma separated values into the open box

*Note: If uploading a CSV file, the file should only contain one column and the only values accepted are Student or Staff SS# ID’s.  If manually entering values into the box the values must contain a comma after each entry.










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