What’s New in OnDataSuite

Hello and welcome to the OnDataSuite What’s New Section of our manual page.  The OnDataSuite system is constantly evolving with each release to meet the needs of our clients so with each new release we will use this page to keep you aware of key items that have been updated or added to OnDataSuite.

Please check back often as these pages will be updated frequently and thank you for being a valued OnDataSuite user. We hope this page provides you with the knowledge you need to use OnDataSuite to its fullest potential with each new release.


1.Administration #

Pertains to users who have administrative rights and fulfill admin duties for the system.

Last updated on August 13, 2018

1.1.Admin - File History #

Use File Upload History to see files that have been uploaded over a period of time.

Last updated on August 11, 2018

1.2.Admin - Update Campus Type #

Use Update Campus Type if using a different campus number schema provided by TEA. (See attached doc below from AskTed). These campus groups affect accountability calculations and can be updated manually, to ensure campus is attributed to it’s appropriate group/level.

Last updated on August 11, 2018

1.3.Admin - User Access Update #

Access Level for users has been modified.

When providing user access to “Aggregate Totals/Reports”, this will only allow the user to view reports that contain aggregated counts and totals. Any report that displays as a list of students/staff can not be view.

Use the “Student/Staff Details (Profiles), to allow the user to view ALL reports that include student/staff lists/details. This access will also allow the drill down function to view staff/student profiles.

Last updated on August 11, 2018

1.4.Admin - Set "Inactive User" #

Set the number of days for user accounts to expire if inactive and the user has not logged in.

Last updated on August 11, 2018

1.5.Admin - Last Log In #

Feature allows OnDataSuite Administrators to view when users last logged in.

Located under “Hamburger Menu” – 3 horizontal bars on the top right/ Administrator/User Center


Last updated on June 15, 2018

2.File Center #

2.1.File Center - Fall Edits 2018-19 #

Build TSDS interchange files from your Information System and upload into the file center to view the 2018-19 PEIMS Edits.

Last updated on August 13, 2018

2.2.File Center - Load TEA CCMR Files #

The CCMR files are  now being accepted as uploads in the file center, to facilitate the reporting of A-F.  Once the CCMR files all A-F reports that require CCMR data will be populated using this file. 

NOTE: In the absence of the CCMR TEA file being uploaded, reports will be calculated based on the other data files that have been uploaded into the file center.

Also available, is a comparison between the results produced by reports based on the TEA CCMR files and the preliminary results based on the “other” files loaded.

See the Users Manual for details – use search “CCMR”.

Last updated on August 11, 2018

2.3.File Center - Longitudinal Cohort Files #


  • Requires Final Graduation 4, 5, and 6 year Longitudinal files found in TEAL>ACCT – Accountability>Final Graduation and Dropout Information>RES-Research and Analysis tab to be uploaded in the File Center under ‘TEA Cohort List’


  • TEAL Screens:

  • Statuses used in TEA Cohort Longitudinal Files
    • Numerator (Graduates) ‘GRADUATED’
    • Denominator (Class) ‘GRADUATED’, ‘RECEIVED GED’, ‘CONTINUED H.S.’, ‘DROPPED OUT’
Last updated on August 15, 2018

2.4.File Center - Added IB upload option #

International Baccalaureate (IB) File added to file center

A new International Baccalaureate (IB) File upload section has been added to the file center.  This was done in part to assist districts with the current CCRM calculations located within the Accountability Domain areas.

Users now have the ability to upload a CSV but it must follow the data file guidelines posted on in the Users manual. For more information please visit the users manual section location under:
File Center>> Loading Other Exam Files>> Loading IB Files or you can click the link here for data format specifications. 


Last updated on August 11, 2018

2.5.File Center - Interim Assessment Files Accepted #

We have added an upload area to the file center to allow you to upload your interim assessment files and are currently working on a the reports to accompany these files.  We will send out an email once these reports are available.

To upload these files please unzip and upload your interim assessment file that you receive from ETS as you would normally do with your STAAR files.

For more information about these files please visit the ETS website. For your convenience we have provided the latest ETS issued Interim Assessments Users Manual here:

Click here >>> to view the latest ETS released Interim Assessment PDF


Last updated on August 13, 2018

2.6.TSIA Added Fields to data file layout #

The following six (6) additional fields were added to the accepted TSIA Accuplacer files. For more information visit the Loading TSIA (Accuplacer) section of the users manual.  

  • ABE Mathematics Diagnostics
  • ABE Writing Diagnostics
  • ABE Reading Diagnostics
  • ABE Mathematics Placement
  • ABE Writing Placement
  • ABE Reading Placement
Last updated on June 13, 2018

3.Dashboard #

3.1.Dashboard - ESC Dashboard for Districts not in Region #

ESC’s now can view just the district’s data that is within their regional boundaries as specified by TEA.

Districts that contract with an ESC for services, such as PEIMS, are separated into their own dashboard, so that the aggregate data for the region is not skewed.

Last updated on August 13, 2018

3.2.Dashboard - Summer Cumulative Dashboard #

The Summer Dashboard has a new tab: Cumulative

This screen displays a cumulative count of students  from the Summer PEIMS TSDS file of any student who had at least 1 day of attendance during the year.

Last updated on August 13, 2018

3.3.Dashboard - Campus #

Two new campus dashboards have been added, Campus List and Campus Teachers:

Hover over column headings to review definitions and calculations if applicable:

Drill down on blue hyperlinks to view list of students or staff contained in the count or FTE.

Last updated on August 11, 2018

3.4.Dashboard - Fall -Late Enrollment #

A dis-aggregated look at the “Late Enrollment” by As of Status codes can be located on the Fall Dashboard. (bottom right corner)

Last updated on August 13, 2018

4.Student (PEIMS) #

4.1.Student PEIMS -ECDS Student Class List Report #

(Temporarily located under Support/Pre Release, will reside on Student tab soon)

Summary: This report provides a listing of PK and KG students along with the class ids, service ids, and teachers for PEIMS ECDS reporting.

Usage: Use the report to review ECDS reporting for grades PK and KG. Verify that classes and teachers are accurate or use for analysis of PK and KG teacher information.

Data Source(s): PEIMS Summer records

  • Interchange Student
    • 40100-Student Extension
  • Interchange Student Enrollment
    • 40110-Student School Association
    • 40110-Student Section Association
  • Interchange Staff
    • 30040-Staff Extension
    • 30050-Staff Education Org Employment Association Extension
    • 50300/30305-Teacher Section Association Extension
Last updated on August 11, 2018

4.2.Student PEIMS- Career and Technical Education Advanced Courses FTE Report #

(Temporarily located under Support/Pre Release. Coming soon to Student tab)

Summary: Report produces CTE FTEs eligible for a flat amount of $50.00 per FTE by each six weeks with a refined total and CTE funding calculation.

Usage: Data quality/funding – review report for CTE funding based on students in advanced CTE courses.

Resources for qualifications and calculations:

TEA Career and Technology Education Allotment

Last updated on August 13, 2018

4.3.Student PEIMS - Students With A CTE Course Completion Record But No CTE Contact Hours #

Located in Student Data Validation/Funding Data Validation folder

Summary: This query displays a list of students who are reported with a course completion/transcript record on a CTE course, but does not have a corresponding CTE contact hours.

Usage: The students on this report need to be reviewed to ensure they have the proper CTE contact hours to enable the district to claim funding. (V codes)

Last updated on August 13, 2018

4.4.Student - Unauthorized Suspensions Grades < 3 #

New report can be found in the PEIMS Student Data Validation>Discipline Validation folder:

Review ‘Report Info’ under the ‘Tools’ dropdown

Last updated on August 11, 2018

4.5.Student - 75,600 Minutes Validation Report #

Added new option to existing 75,600 monthly minutes report to pull instructional tracks less than 75,600 minutes.

Report can be found under the PEIMS Student Data Validation>LSA Of Tracks Reporting Less Than 75,600 Minutes folder:

Use tracks filter to toggle between report of less than 75,600 minutes, All instructional tracks, or specific instructional tracks:

Last updated on August 11, 2018

5.Assessment #

5.1.Assessment - 110 Percent Report - Updated/Moved #

STAAR 110 Percent Report New Location

The STAAR 110% report has been moved out from under the Assessment report sections (3-8 and EOC) and is now located under the Accountability tab, under the State: Accountability Report Center

STAAR 110 Percent Report explained

  • Report has been moved from previous locations. Was previously located under the Assessment Tabs for 3-8 STAAR and EOC custom report areas
  • Relocated to under the Accountability tab under the State Accountability section
  • The report has been completely redone from the previous year.
  • Report now shows all students that are currently coded as ‘At-Risk’ in PEIMS
    • Note: At-Risk in PEIMS is an indicator of 13 different criteria. Failure of a state assessment is just one of those 13
  • The new report will list all students prior year scores aligned beside the last year tested scores
  • The final column will let you know if a student who failed the prior year met at  the 110% standard for the last test year.
  • List WILL include SIRS students if uploaded into the file center

Filter Options
This report may be filtered at the campus level

Items to consider if you feel you are missing associated test results
If you are not seeing an associated reported value either for the previous year or the current test cycle, please revisit your file center files to ensure that the most updated assessment values have been uploaded into your database.

Last updated on September 27, 2018

5.2.Assessment - Differential Report Updated Features #

Now in addition to being able to filter by Special Populations, users now also have the option of filtering their differential reports by Focus List.


We have also added the option of exporting the color coded differential report as an excel document. The export will maintain all the highlights and color coded text that you see online. To export the report simply click on the tools dropdown in the top right corner and select export to excel.


Last updated on August 11, 2018

6.Staff #

6.1.Staff - Teacher Fall and Summer Comparison Report #

Located in the Staff Data Validation section.

Summary: This report lists teachers who have either

  • fall responsibility record(s) – 30090, but no summer teacher record – 30305
  • summer teacher record(s) – 30305, but no fall responsibility record – 30090

Usage: Review report to ensure that all teachers are being reported accurately for the summer submission. In some cases, having two different systems for reporting staff information (different student system than business system) can cause reporting issues. In other situations, master schedule coding could leave off or add extra summer teacher records.

Last updated on August 13, 2018

7.Finance #

8.Accountability #

8.1.Accountability - CCMR - Student Achievement Domain #

Added a College, Career and Military Readiness Report to the A-F Student Achievement Domain. This new report looks for the total number of graduates who accomplished at least one of the CCMR Indicators and provides a detailed student list that will show which area the student acquired either half a point (.5) or one point.


For the most accurate representation of their data, this report will require that districts have the most updated files uploaded into their file center. For more information about what files are required and how values are being calculated in this report please make sure to visit the report notes while viewing this report.

Last updated on August 13, 2018

9.Functionality Features #

9.1.Function - Ad Hoc Criteria displays on Drill-Down Lists #

Criteria used in ad hoc reporting will now be added to drill-down lists.

Create ad hoc report:

Drill-down on any total:

List view now contains criteria chosen in ad hoc reporting:

Last updated on August 13, 2018

9.2.Function - Save/Load Column Options #

Users have the option to “save” columns that are frequently added to a list of students/staff.

  • Go to Column Options
  • Use “Add New Column” tab to add desired columns of data.
  • Select the following from the drop down tabs:
    • Data Type
    • Record
    • Column(s)
    • Year


  • Select any columns to be saved and added to future lists using the “Save Column Set” tab.

  • Use the “Manage Saved Column Sets” to delete column sets.

  • To Add a set of saved columns to a list, select “Load Column Set” and select the desired set to add to the student/staff list.


This will add the saved columns to the current report, when clicking “Submit Changes”. (top right)

Last updated on August 13, 2018

10.Pre-Release Reports #

The Pre- Release section contains reports that are currently being tested.

Please feel free to investigate this area and provide feedback.

Location: Support/Pre- Release

Last updated on August 11, 2018

11.OnPar #

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