Principal’s Academy -Fall PEIMS

1.Getting Started #

The Fall PEIMS Session will highlight information from the PEIMS FALL data.

Logging In


Provided by the LEA OnDataSuite Admin:
•Login Name

Browser Support
•Chrome (Preferred Browser)
•Internet Explorer



Forgotten Username / Password
Contact your local system administrator to have them reset.

Select  campus
If you have access to multiple campuses.

2.File Center #

Located on the black menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • Data Sources tab
    • District column
      • TSDS – PEIMS

File Review – Scroll toward the bottom of the screen to verify PEIMS FALL file for desired year(s) has been loaded.

NOTE: Keeping data current is key to accurate reports so please contact your OnDataSuite Administrator if a “fresh” file needs to be loaded.

Note: A “Preliminary” file means that the data is NOT the “Final” file that will be sent to TEA therefore expect data to change.

3.Fall Dashboard #

  • Student counts from PEIMS Snapshot data (Prelim or Final?)
  • Change Information Year to compare prior years to current year snapshot
  • Click Print, top black menu bar, for a screen print of the information

4.Campus Dashboard #

  • Campus Organization tab
  • Campus Student tab
  • Campus Staff tab

  • View all campuses that user has access
  •  Fall PEIMS columns are labeled
  • Access required to drill down to see list of students.

4.1.Student Profile #

  • View student profile:
    • Locate student on a Student list
    • Or Search for a student
    • Then, click on the student id or “View Profile” hyperlink.

NOTE: Account access to view individual student profile required.

Explore tabs and sub tabs related to Fall reporting:

  • Student Information
    • Leaver
    • Title I
  • Enrollment
    • PEIMS SnapShot
    • SPED

5.Student tab #

  • The Student/Assessment/Staff/Finance tabs all have “clickable/canned” reports ready to generate in Validation and Custom Report sections.
  • All tabs also have a Report Center to enable ad hoc reports to be created.

5.1.Student Data Validation #

Select the “Student” tab to see PEIMS Student Data Validation reports

  • Use search or Click on any folder to display report titles
  • Click on title of report to run the report


  • Note any available “filters” and “Tools” drop down options

Reports to review for Fall PEIMS:

Fall Pre-Validation Limited Scope Attendance Audit Review (TEA Desk Audit)

5.3.Student Report Center #

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Located on the left side of the “Student” tab


  • Use the blue ? to assist in understanding the categories


  • Ad Hoc Fall Reporting suggestions:
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “ADA (Fall Enrollment)”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “At Risk”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “Economic Disadvantage”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “LEP”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “Title I”
    • Leaver – Criteria 1 – “Leaver Reason”
    • Leaver – Criteria 1 – “Graduation Codes”
    • Leaver – Criteria 1- “FHSP”
      • Criteria 2 – “Distinguished “
    • SPED Program Enrollment – Criteria 1 -” Grade”
      • Criteria 2 – “Instructional Setting”
        • Criteria 3 – “Primary Disability”

6.Report Options/Tools/Features #

Report Options  – Black box ( left of Report Center)

  • Export to Excel
  • Graphing
    • Type options
    • Display options
  • Heatmap On/Off – High and low data points
    • Adjustable Gradients
    • Color Options
  • Bookmark – Saves report
  • Show Percents

Print– a hard copy





Drill down on totals to generate a list of students

7.Support/Training #

  • Submit Ticket Icon Use to enter a question, problem, or feature request with detailed information and click “Create Ticket”


  • Manuals Icon –  Use to search for information on reports and functionality.


“Support” link – top black menu bar – Training/Webinars

  • Past – recordings and handouts on the left. (Use drop down to assist with locating training topics.)
  • Upcoming -descriptions and registration links on the right.
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