Extended Year (4th Submission) PEIMS Data Review 2019-20

1.Intro #

The review of Extended Year(4th submission) PEIMS data will be the focus of this training. 

  • Log In:


System Log In Screen
•Login Name
•Click “Login”

Browser Support
•Chrome version 44 or higher – (Preferred Browser)




NOTE: Contact OnDataSuite Admin at your district if any of the login info above is needed.

2.Upload PEIMS Data #

How to upload the PEIMS data into OnDataSuite.

  • Create the TSDS xml interchange files from the Student Information System ( SIS).
  • These can be left zipped or unzipped for uploads.
  • Log into ONDataSuite go to File Center/Data Sources
  • Click on the blue TSDS- PEIMS tab / Green Upload tab
    • NOTE: User needs access to upload files in order to see/select the green ” Click to Upload PEIMS- TSDS files”
  • Browse to locate the PEIMS TSDS interchange files.
  • Select zipped/unzipped files and click open to send to ODS for uploading
  • Once the xml files have been sent to ODS, review the following columns before clicking submit
    • Year
    • Submission= Extended
    • Preliminary 
      • Check if this is not the final TEA approved file
      • Leave unchecked to default to Final
      • NOTE: This maybe changed after data is loaded.
    • Reporting Period= n/a
    • Process
      • Load Data & Run Edits – populate all dashboards/reports/edits
      • Run Edits only – only edits will be run, no data will load for dashboards/reports
      • Load Data only – data will update dashboards/reports, but will not allow edits to fire.


  • “Start Upload” to load the data

Once data upload is complete, a row displaying the file, will be located under the green upload tab. Select the “live” link at the end of the row-blue “Info” to view which xml files have loaded.


If there are any questions, please submit a ticket.

3.PEIMS TSDS Edits #

Locate PEIMS TSDS Edits-File Center/ PEIMS Edits/ Extended Submission

To View edits, click on the count of Fatals, Warnings, or Specials.  Feel free to scroll down to see which interchange triggered the edit.

Each Business rule will display with a description and how many times it is triggered when clicking on the edit count described above.

Click on the Business rule to see a list of who/what is causing this edit to trigger.

NOTE: No corrections can be made in ODS. All changes will need to be made in the “source”. ( SIS/BIS). Then re extract a new PEIMS file to upload into ODS to see the changes.

Filters at the top:

  • Business Rules Notifications – allow edits to be sent to users at specific campuses
  • Edits file Record Count-summary of how many edits loaded
  • Exel Workbook – export to excel the list of each edit in detail with subtabs for each business rule
  • All Campuses – filter for a specific campus if needed


4.Student -Data Review #

Go to the “Student” tab in the blue menu bar to review the data in the extended year file.

Locate the “Student Report Center” – left side

Select under “Extended Year” the following data areas that are applicable to your data:

  • Extended Year – Enrollment
  • Extended Year- ESY Services
  • Extended Year Course Completion
  • Extended Year – Flex Attendance
  • Extended Year- SPED Flex Attendance

Once a “record” has been selected, you can choose which year(s) to review by checking the box- top right portion of screen.

NOTE: If the data has not been loaded in the File Center, the year will not display.


Criteria options are now available for each of the extended year records above. Explore your data by selecting 1 or more criteria to dis-aggregate the data to look for anomalies, trends and/or issues. 


To look for dual credit errors

  • Extended Year-Course Completion
  • Criteria 1=Dual Credit ( no filters)
  • Criteria 2 =Grade (no filters)
  • Create Report

Note the low count of dual credits for 2019-20

Click on the counts to see the students names who are coded dual credit. Check for students who are “missing”

NOTE: No data changes can be made in OnDataSuite. All data changes must be made in the SIS. Then re extract the PEIMS file and upload into OnDataSuite to see the results.

5.Areas to Review #

Districts will report Bilingual/ESL Summer School data in Submission 4 only if the district served
students through the Bilingual/ESL Summer School Program in accordance with TEC §29.060 and 19
TAC §89.1250.

  • Extended Year – Enrollment
    • Criteria 1 = “Bil/ESL Summer School”
    • Criteria 2= “Grade”

LEP students participating in the Bilingual/ESL Summer School Program may also participate in
Extended School Year (ESY) Services if the student was identified as eligible for these services/programs. However, participation in the Bilingual/ESL Summer School Program is separate and apart from ESY and is not dependent upon participation in either program.

  • Extended Year- ESY
    • Criteria 1 = “Instructional Setting A”
    • Criteria 2 = “Grade”  (optional)
    • Use Column Option/Add Column to add Total ESY Contact Hours in Instr Setting – A

Dual Credit

  • Extended Year-Course Completion
    • Criteria 1 = “Dual Credit”
    • Criteria 2 = “Pass/Fail”
    • Criteria 3= “Course Sequence Code”


This is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • Refer to ESC Training for additional areas to review.
  • Mix and match “Records” with various criteria.
  • Explore “filters” option-for criteria 

6.Submit Ticket #

Utilize the support team for any question, help with creating a report, loading data, edits, and errors or bugs.

  • Ticket Icon – located in top right screen in black menu bar. Enter a question, problem, or feature request with detailed information and click “Create Ticket”

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