Principal’s Academy -Fall PEIMS

1.Getting Started #

The Fall PEIMS Session will highlight information from the PEIMS FALL data.

Logging In


Provided by the LEA OnDataSuite Admin:
•Login Name

Browser Support
•Chrome (Preferred Browser)
•Internet Explorer



Forgotten Username / Password
Contact your local system administrator to have them reset.

Select  campus
If you have access to multiple campuses, you can filter by campus as you view the reports, or see your campuses data aggregated together.

2.File Center #

Located on the black menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • Data Sources
    • District
      • PEIMS-preliminary or final file

File Review – Scroll toward the bottom of the screen to verify PEIMS FALL file for desired year(s) has been loaded.

NOTE: Keeping data current is key to accurate reports so please contact your OnDataSuite Administrator if a “fresh” file needs to be loaded.

Note: A “Preliminary” file means that the data is NOT the “Final” file that will be sent to TEA therefore expect data to change.

3.Fall Dashboard #

  • Student counts from PEIMS Snapshot data (Prelim or Final?)
  • Change Information Year to compare prior years to current year snapshot
  • Click Print, top black menu bar, for a screen print of the information

4.Campus Dashboard #

Campus List tab

  • View all campuses that user has access
  • Pop ups show which data columns come from Fall PEIMS
  • Access required to drill down to see list of students.


Campus Teachers tab (retention rates)

4.1.Student Profile #

  • View student profile:
    • Locate student on a Student list
    • Or Search for a student
    • Then, click on the student id or “View Profile” hyperlink.

NOTE: Account access to view individual student profile required.

Explore tabs and sub tabs related to Fall reporting:

  • Student Information
    • Leaver
    • Title I
  • Enrollment
    • PEIMS SnapShot
    • SPED
    • CTE

4.2.Staff Profile #

  • View staff profile by:
    • Locate staff from a staff list or by using “Search”
    • Clicking on the staff id or “View Profile” hyperlink.

NOTE: Account access to view an individual staff profile required.

5.Student tab #

  • The Student/Assessment/Staff/Finance tabs all have pre set reports ready to generate in Validation and/or Custom Report areas.
  • All of these areas also have a Report Center to enable ad hoc reports to be created.
  • The functionality is consistent for the reports across all these tabs.

5.1.Student Data Validation #

Select the “Student” tab to see PEIMS Student Data Validation reports

  • Click on any folder to display reports in folder
  • Click on title of report to run the report
  • Note any available filter options and tools

5.3.Student Report Center #

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Located on the left side of the “Student” tab


  • Use the blue ? to assist in understanding the categories


  • Ad Hoc Fall Reporting suggestions:
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “ADA (Fall Enrollment)”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “At Risk”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “Career and Technology”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “Economic Disadvantage”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “LEP”
    • Fall Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “Title I”
    • Leaver – Criteria 1 – “Leaver Reason”
    • Leaver – Criteria 1 – “Graduation Codes”
    • Leaver – Criteria 1- “FHSP”
      • Criteria 2 – “Distinguished “
    • CTE Enrollment – Criteria 1 – “CTE Course Service ID”
    • SPED Program Enrollment – Criteria 1 -” Grade”
      • Criteria 2 – “Instructional Setting”
        • Criteria 3 – “Primary Disability”

6.Staff Reporting #

Staff Tab

  • PEIMS Data Validation Reports

  • PEIMS Staff Custom Reports

  • Ad hoc reporting-PEIMS Staff Report Center

  • Ad Hoc Fall Reporting suggestions
    • Responsibilities – Criteria 1 – “Highest Degree Level”
    • Responsibilities – Criteria 1 – “Role ID”
    • Responsibilities – Criteria 1 – “Total Years Prof Experience”
    • Responsibilities – Criteria 1 – “Service ID”
      • Criteria 2 – “Population Served”

7.Report Options/Tools/Features #

Report Options  – Black box ( left of Report Center)

NEW location/Improved Features

  • Export to Excel
  • Graphing
    • Type options
    • Display options
  • Heatmap On/Off – High and low data points
    • Adjustable Gradients
    • Color Options
  • Bookmark – Saves report
  • Show Percents

Print– a hard copy





Drill down on totals to generate a list of students

8.Support/Training #

  • Submit Ticket Icon Use to enter a question, problem, or feature request with detailed information and click “Create Ticket”


  • Manuals Icon –  Use to search for information on reports and functionality.


“Support” link – top black menu bar

  • Webinar
    • Find recordings of past training, along with handouts on the left. (Use drop down to assist with locating training topics.)
    • Locate Upcoming training descriptions and registration links on the right.

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