CTE Data Review

1.Getting Started #

The focus of this session will be on PEIMS CTE (Career and Technology Education) data and assessment data pertaining to the student population receiving CTE services.

Agenda Includes: 

  • Dashboards related to CTE data
  • Fall and Summer PEIMS reports covering CTE codes and FTEs
  • CTE Attendance and Course Completion information
  • Assessment reports for CTE students
  • PBMAS CTE indicator reports
  • CCMR
  • Bonus – CTE codes for STAFF

Logging In
URL- districtname or district number  .ondatasuite.com

Example: mydistrict.ondatasuite.com  OR  000111.ondatasuite.com


System Log In Screen
•Login Name
•Click “Login”

Browser Support
•Chrome version 44 or higher – (Preferred Browser)
•Firefox version 40 or higher
•Safari version 8 or higher
•Internet Explorer version 11 or higher



Forgotten Username / Password
If you have forgotten your username or password please contact your local system administrator.

2.File Center #

Located on the black menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • Data Sources
    •  Fall and Summer PEIMS TSDS interchange files- produced by the Student Information System (SIS).
    • We recommend a current year FALL and SUMMER PEIMS file  be loaded as soon as possible, even though it may be a “preliminary” file. “PRELIMINARY” data is NOT “FINAL” and therefore expect changes.NOTE: Click on the informational “i” to the right of the submission loaded to view  interchange files and sections loaded.
    • The second data source is from ETS STAAR files.

NOTE: Keeping data current is key to accurate reports so please contact your OnDataSuite Administrator if a “fresh” file needs to be loaded.


PEIMS TSDS Edits: Review Fatals/Warnings/Specials for CTE data

3.Fall Dashboard #

The Fall Dashboard is the simplest way to view student demographics and students coded Career and Technical Education (CTE)

  • Student counts from PEIMS Snapshot data (last Friday in October)
    • Change Information Year to compare prior years to current year snapshot 

Click on the counts (hyperlink) to produce a list of students. NOTE Student detail access required.

4.Summer Dashboard - Cumulate #

Counts of students what at least 1 day of CTE attendance.

5.Student Profile #

  • View student profile:
    • Locate student on a Student list
    • Or Search for a student
      • Click the student id or “View Profile” hyperlink.

NOTE: Account access to view individual student profile required.

From the Overview tab, select CTE Hours to display student’s individual V codes by six weeks.

Use the Enrollment tab to view coding related to Fall CTE for multiple years.

View PBM to see if CTE student is triggering PBMAS indicators.


The CCMR tab will display if the student met  CTE criteria.

6.Student Reports #

  • Use Report Search to locate reports with the “CTE” or “Career and Tech” in the title.
  • The Student tab contains folders with reports ready to generate in Data Validation and Custom Report areas.

NOTE: The option(s) to use a CTE focus listCTE Program Filter, and/or add CTE columns to any student list are available.


Student Report Center

Suggested CTE Ad hoc reports to build:

  • Fall Enrollment
    • Grade ( filter 7-12)
    • Career Tech


  • CTE Enrollment
    • Criteria 1 – Career and Technology Ed
      • Criteria 2 – Grade Level
    •  Criteria 1 – CTE Course Service ID – (CTE Filters)
    •  Criteria 1 – Campus;
      • Criteria 2 – Gender
    • Criteria 1 – Displaced Homemaker
    • Criteria 1 – Transportation Services
    • Criteria 1 – Disciplinary Action Reason


  • Attendance
    • Criteria 1 – Career and Technology Ed;
      • Criteria 2 – Grade Level (filter = 7-12);
        • Criteria 3 – Reporting Period


  • CTE Attendance
    • Criteria 1 – Reporting Period (filter ?)
    • Criteria 2 – Eligible Days Present ( V codes)


  • Course Completion (CCMR query)
    • Criteria 1 = Service ID ( Filters)


CCMR Best Practice: Review Post Secondary Licensures ( Industry Based Certifications-IBC)

  • Leaver (Filter for 2018-19)
    • Criteria 1- First Post Secondary Licensure

Check “!” and “000” for any courses/students that did NOT get coded with a Licensure


Use “Column Options” to add the CTE Service ID’s.

7.Assessment #

Use the Focus List or “Special Pops” filter to create a CTE specific report.

  1. STAAR Accommodations –  Focus List
  2. STAAR  Analysis Report  – Focus List
  3. Achievement vs. Growth Matrix – Filter for Special Pops
  4. STAAR Frequency Distributions – Filter for Special Pops
  5. STAAR Differential Report – Focus list and Filter for Special Pops
  6. STAAR Academic Performance – Filter for Special Pops
  7. STAAR Student SE Breakdown – Focus List
  8. STAAR EOC Cumulative Performance Analysis – Focus list


Add a column:


Assessment Report Center

Create ad hoc reports

NOTE: CTE codes will pull from STAAR files which are populated by the students answer docs, not PEIMS file/codes.

  • Select a tested subject – Reading, Science, Math, Social Studies, or Writing
  • Criteria 1: Select “CTE” – filter (optional)

NOTE: Use Filter on CTE to include just CTE students or include ALL students to compare with CTE counts.

Continue to add Criteria as desired.

8.Accountability #

PBMAS – CTE Indicators

Results Driven Accountability (RDA) update-Career and Technical Education (CTE)https://www.sos.state.tx.us/texreg/archive/August162019/Proposed%20Rules/19.EDUCATION.html

For the 2019 RDA Manual,

  • CTE Indicator #7 (CTE Nontraditional Course Completion Rate – Males) and CTE Indicator #8 (Nontraditional Course Completion Rate – Females) have been removed because LEAs cannot control the gender of students taking elective courses.
  • The following language was added to CTE Indicator #2 (i-iv): English learners (ELs) in their first year in U.S. schools are excluded from these indicators, unless they were administered STAAR Alternate 2.




Data Validation Monitoring


9.Bonus: Staff Reporting #

Staff Tab

  • Ad hoc reporting-PEIMS Staff Report Center

  • Responsibilities – Criteria 1 – Role ID (filter = 087);
    • Criteria 2 – Population Served (filter = 05);
      • Criteria 3 – Service ID


  • Payroll Accounting – Criteria 1 – Role ID;
    • Criteria 2 – Program Intent (filter = 22)

10.Report Options/Tools/Features #

Report Options  – Upper right corner of the report

  • Graph Control – Pie, line or bar graph
  • Heatmap On/Off – High and low data points

  • Export to Excel
  • Bookmark – Saves report under “Bookmarks” in the black menu bar
  • Show Percents

Print– a hard copy





Drill down on totals to generate a list of students/staff

11.Column Options #

Column Options allows editing and adding list fields from different data sources or different years.

  • Change the appearance:
    • To change the title, type over the existing title
    • To hide a column, check “Hidden”
    • To change the “Display Type”, use the drop down (Description, Code, Code-Description)
    • To group the data, check “Grouping”
    • To delete a column, click the trash can
    • To change the order, drag the blue arrow under “Controls” up or down

  • To Add a column(s) of data to the list
    • Select a “Data Type”
    • Select a “Record”
    • Select a “Column” – may select multiple
    • Select a “Year”
    • Click “Add Column(s)”



Add more columns from other sources, records, or years by repeating above steps.

Save Columns that will need to be added to other reports.

12.Focus List #

Focus List allows you to create a group that can be used in reports to get results specific to that group

  • Two different options:
    • To create a new list, use the default name or type in the name desired in the
      “Create New Focus List:” field and “Submit” OR
    • To append the list to an existing focus list, choose the existing focus list title from
      the “Append List to Existing Focus List:” dropdown box and “Submit”
  • An on screen confirmation box will appear, allowing you to “Close” or “View Focus

Focus List Usage

  • Create ad hoc reports using the Focus List dropdown box.

  • Some custom reports have the option to choose a Focus List as the data source.


To find a complete listing of the focus groups created, select “Focus List” from the black menu bar.

From here, the available options include:

  • Edit the title
  • Delete
  • Duplicate
  • Share
  • Add new members

13.Support/Training #

“Support” tab – top black menu bar

  • Training
    • Past recorded training listed on left
    • Register for upcoming training sessions on the right



Submit Ticket Icon – Use to enter a question, problem, or feature request with detailed information and click “Submit Ticket”. To remove the box without submitting a ticket, simply click the top ‘Submit Ticket’ button again.

Manual Icon – Use to search for information on reports and functionality.


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