1.Overview #

The PK ECDS PEIMS training will review Summer PEIMS data being utilized for the TSDS ECDS ( PK) submission. (no EOY test results)

  • Student
  • Staff

2.File Center #

PEIMS data that applies to the PK ECDS Reporting is derived from PEIMS Summer Records.


Ensure that the following interchanges have been included in the Summer PEIMS file to get the most out of ECDS reporting:

  • Interchange Student
  • Interchange Student Enrollment
  • Interchange Staff Association


3.PEIMS Student Data for ECDS PK #

Student Tab

Student Custom Reports/ECDS Folder/ ECDS Student Class list report


PEIMS Student Report Center (left) – build adhoc queries

  • Select Summer PEIMS>Student Section Association
    • Choose desired year(s)
    • Select Criteria
      • Criteria 1: Grade (Filter on PK)
      • Criteria 2: Classroom Link – Service ID
      • Criteria 3: Course Completion

Click ‘Create Report’ button to view results


Additional criteria (data elements) to query for “Student Section Association” Category:

  • Criteria 1 = Grade PK
    • Select other Criteria  Options:
      • Homeroom Indicator -E1440 –NEW!
      • High Quality PK Program Indicator – E1580
      • PK- Curricula- E1579 (05 most common)
      • PK School Type – E1555
      • Program Evaluation – E1626 –NEW!
      • Student Instruction – E1558



  • Select Summer PEIMS> “Summer Enrollment” Category:
    • Criteria 1 = Grade PK
    • Criteria 2 =PK Program Type – E1078 –NEW!
    • Criteria 3 =Instructional Track  – E0975 –NEW!

Drill down on totals to see student lists on each report above:

Use “Column Options” to add additional columns to reports: (Add Column)

  • Data Type: Student
  • Record: Attendance
  • Criteria:
    • Primary PK Funding Source
    • Secondary PK Funding Source
  • Year: 2018-19

NOTE: Save reports created by using bookmarks.


Additional Columns to add/review to PK ECDS reports:

    • Data Type: Student
    • Record: Summer Enrollment
    • Criteria:
      •  LEP
      • SPED
      • *Economic Disadvantage
    • Year: 2018-19
  • Click “Add”, then select “Summer”  for the *ECO DIS submission-drop down


NOTE: Best Practice -Save added columns using Column Set  

  • Select all desired elements under the ‘Save’ column
  • Select ‘Save Column set’
    • Change Title if desired
    • Click ‘Save Years’ to save the year (if not checked, will use most recent year loaded)
    • Click ‘Save Code Display Type’ to save the display types (Code, Description, Code-Description)
    • Click ‘Save’

To add “saved” columns to a report:

  • Click on ‘Column Options’
    • Click on ‘Load Column Set’
    • Select a saved column group using the drop-down
    • Click on ‘Load’
    • Columns will display on the report

4.PEIMS Staff Data for ECDS PK #

Staff Tab

PEIMS Staff Report Center

  • Select “Teacher Class Assignment” category
    • Choose desired year(s)
    • Select Criteria
      • Criteria 1: Service ID (Filter-PreKindergarten)
      • Criteria 2: Role ID
    • Click ‘Create Report’ button to view results
      • Look for Teachers/Aids
      • Drill down on the count to see the list of teacher/aids:


NOTE: Use ‘Column Options‘ to review additional data from the Teacher Class Assignment category:

  • Class ID Number
  • Assign Begin date
  • Assign End date

NOTE: Use “Grouping” to force separate rows for each class

Bookmark reports to save (Tools)

Save added columns to be used later (Column set feature)


  • Select “Staff” category (STAFF Report Center)
    • Choose desired year(s)
    • Criteria 1: “Submission” (Filter on 3 for Summer Submission)
    • Criteria 2: “Role ID” (Filter for 087) to eliminate aides
    • Criteria 3: “PK Teacher Requirement” – E1581

Create Report and Drill down on counts to view staff level data.

5.Support #


  • Step 1

  • Step 2


MANUAL – Icon 

  • Directs user to the OnDataSuite User Manual that includes a search feature to enable user to quickly locate area(s) of information.



  • Past Training – Use the “Go to” drop down to locate webex recordings and handouts for trainings sessions that have already been conducted.
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