Federal Accountability Training 2019

1.Training Overview #

We will review various Federal Accountability reports including:

  • CRDC
  • School Safety Choice Option
  • TEXSHEP Reports
  • IDEA Reports
  • ESSA Compliance Reports

2.File Center #

Data Source(s)

Data for the federal accountability reports comes from:

  • PEIMS TSDS Fall and Summer interchange files (SIS)
  • STAAR Test result files (ETS)
  • Educator Certification Online System ( ECOS/TEAL) .

Review current data loaded:

  • Select area to review (PEIMS, Staff Certs, STARR) – click on blue tab
  • Scroll down to view loaded files – dates



  • Year – most current
  • File Name – reflect type of file
  • Final – indicates final file that was sent to TEA
  • Prelim – indicates that the data is NOT the “FINAL” file that will be sent to TEA and therefore expect data to change.
    • NOTE: For full accountability reporting, 6 weeks of Summer PEIMS data is needed.

Locate the information ‘i’ (icon) located to the right of row.

This screen shows the interchange files that have and have not been loaded.

  • “Not Found” – interchange file was not included in data load
  • “Dependency error” – part of the data for the interchange file is missing

3.Federal Accountability #

Go to the ‘Accountability’ tab:

  • 98 Category Significant Disproportionality Report – Sunset Review

3.1.CRDC #

3.2.School Safety Choice Option (SSCO) Report #

  • PR6200 – Title VIII, Sec 8532 School Choice Option
    • PEIMS Summer submission
    • See Report Notes for additional information/links

3.3.TEXSHEP Reports #

  • http://www.theotx.org/texshep/
  • Year-End Narrative Report Due September 2019
    • Homeless Students by Age and Grade
      • Requires both PEIMS Fall and Summer files to be loaded
      • Drill down on counts to view detailed student lists


    • Homeless Students Assessment Results
      • STAAR Assessment files for 3-8 and EOC must be loaded
      • Requires both PEIMS Fall and Summer files to be loaded
      • Drill down on counts to view detailed student lists

3.4.Disproportionate Representation and Significant Disproportionality (IDEA reports) #

  • PEIMS Summer Submission
    • State Performance Plan Indicator 4A: Suspension and Expulsion Rates
    • State Performance Plan Indicator 4B: Suspension and Expulsion Rates
      • NOTE: Use filter to pull specific ethnicities


  • PEIMS Fall Submission
    • State Performance Plan Indicator 9: Disproportionate Representation
    • State Performance Plan Indicator 10: Disproportionate Representation
      • NOTE: Use filter to pull specific primary disabilities

3.5.ESSA #

  • ESSA PR1000 Aide – Title I, Part A (Beta)
    • PEIMS Summer submission
    • Use drill downs on counts to see detailed student lists


  • ESSA PR3002 Aide – Title III, Part A (Beta)
    • PEIMS Fall and Summer submission
    • See report notes, count may not be inclusive of ALL bilingual/ESL teachers
    • Drill down on total count to see detailed staff list for verification


  • ESSA, Title I Equity Plan
    • ESSA Equity Report
      • Displays campuses with low-income and minority students being served at a disproportionate rate of inexperienced teachers (first two years of teaching)
      • Requires both PEIMS Fall and Summer submission files
      • Poverty Group and Minority Group not displaying due to state averages not being posted yet


    • ESSA PR1500
      • Part 2-General Education Elementary (PK-5) Equity Data Survey
      •  Part 2-General Education Secondary (6-12) Equity Data Survey
        • NOTE: Data will pull from Fall PEIMS files based on an Oct 2nd “snapshot” and Staff Certification files from TEA/TEAL/ECOS

3.6.Additional Compliance Data Resources #

Data Aides for “Additional/Other”  Compliance Reports

  • PR6100 – Gun-Free Schools Campus Report
    • PEIMS action reason codes do not define what type of firearm was involved in a discipline incident
    • Use Student>PEIMS Student Custom Reports>Discipline Reports>Discipline Action Summary to help with reporting
      • Click on the total under Action Reason 11 – Used/possessed firearm to drill down to detail student list

      • Drill down to the individual student profile to review discipline details

      • Go to Attendance & Discipline and ‘Toggle Discipline Details’

      • Verify if Student is SPED:
        • Student Information>Overview>Program Status>SPED green check mark
        • Student Information>SPED Hours
        • Enrollment>PEIMS Basic Attendance>Total Eligible Special Ed Mainstream Days Present > 0


  • PR6400 – Homeless Students Enrolled
    • Use the TEXSHEP Homeless Students by Age and Grade report and drill down on the appropriate columns

    • Click on ‘Column Options’ and ‘Add New Column’
      • Data Type:  Student
      • Record: Summer Enrollment
      • Column:  ‘Homeless Status’ and ‘Unaccompanied Youth Status’
      • Year: 2018-19
    • Click ‘Add’
    • Change ‘Display Type’ on the two new fields to ‘Code-Description’ and ‘Submit Changes’

    • Review results to help with total counts
      • Note: Homeless Status might display two codes (different fall and summer status), but at least one code should indicate homeless


Fall/Summer Dashboards



Student Report Center




Step 1 – Submit Ticket


  • Step 2 – Complete ticket




MANUAL – Icon 

  • Directs user to the OnDataSuite User Manual that includes a search feature to enable user to quickly locate area(s) of information.



  • Past Training – Use the “Go to” drop down to locate webex recordings and handouts for trainings sessions that have already been conducted.


  • Upcoming Training – Register for any training at no cost.

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