Summer PEIMS Data and CCMR and PBMAS/DVM 2018-19

1.Training Overview #

This training will various Accountability areas affected by Summer PEIMS data.

  • State Accountability
    • CCMR
    • A-F
  • PBM and DVM
  • Federal Accountability

2.File Center #

Upload Summer PEIMS Interchange files from the Student Information System. (SIS)

  • OnDataSuite will accept Zipped or unzipped xml files.
    • NOTE: If zipped, make sure it is not PW protected.
  • Log into OnDataSuite using Chrome as the browser.

Uploading Summer PEIMS TSDS Interchange files

  • Go to the ‘File Center’ link located at the top of the screen in the black menu bar.
  •  Click on the ‘Data Sources’ link located in the black sub-menu bar.
  • Select the PEIMS – TSDS blue button
  • Use the green “Click to upload PEIMS- TSDS files” tab to browse to the Summer TSDS PEIMS interchange files created by the SIS.

NOTE: User must have access to load files in order to see the tab

  • Select ALL interchange files to be loaded at once (staff/student) – the order does NOT matter.

NOTE: Subsequent file uploads or “partial uploads” will completely wipe and replace all files currently loaded for this submission/year. (Functions like EDIT+)

  • Ensure the drop down information is correct before “Start Upload”.

  • Make sure the interchange files are “labeled” correctly
    • Year: 2018-19
    • Submission: Summer
    • Preliminary: Check the box, if this is NOT the final file that goes to TEA.
      • NOTE: (If left blank it will default to “Final”.  A “Final” file may also be overwritten in case of a re submission.)
    • Reporting Period:Select the six week period to denote how many six weeks worth of data the file(s) include.
    • Process:
      • Load Data and Run Edits – will load the data into all the tables and update reports/dashboards
      • Run Edits only- will only update the edits section
    •  “Review Only” -sends files to programmer and does not load the data.
    • “Delete” will remove a specific file, or all files.


  • Use the ” Start Upload” tab to add files to your database. “Cancel Upload” will remove the files.

When the file upload process is complete, the system will automatically combine all interchange files into 1 Summer PEIMS file and parse the various elements to the appropriate tables.


Review the uploaded file(s)

Scroll  toward the bottom of the screen to view a list of all the files that have been uploaded by Submission and date.

Locate the information ‘i’ icon located to the right of each field name.

  • This screen shows the interchange files that have and have not been loaded.
    • “Not Found” – interchange file was not included in data load
    • “Dependency error” – part of the data for the interchange file is missing
  • File can be renamed using the “Edit File Name” tab at the top right
  • Change the status of “Final/Preliminary”, as well as the number of 6 weeks included in the file using the “Click to change file status tab” at the bottom left.

3.Accountability #



3.1.State Accountability #


  • (CCMR) College, Career, Military Ready Early Warning System
    • Summer data
      • College Prep ( ELA/Math)
        • Course sequence = 0,2,5,9
        • P/F= 01,08
      • Dual Credit =1
        • College Hours = 3 ( ELA/Math) or 9 for any
      • CTE Coherent Sequence for IBC Aligned CTE Course
        • CTE code = 2
        • Service ID from TEA list
        • P/F = 01
      • Advanced Degree Plan for SPED students
        • SPED indicator =1
      • Associates Degree = 1


  • NOTE: Graduates reported next fall in Leaver records
    • Associated Degree = 1
    • Industry based Certification (Post Secondary Licensures 1-3) TEA list
    • IEP Graduates- Grad type code = 04,05,54,55
    • Advanced Degree Plan for SPED students
      • FHSP Participant Code = 2
      • Distinguished Level = 2
      • Endorsement Indicator = 2 (at least 1 of the 5)
    • Military Enlistment = 1



A-F Rating System

Student Achievement Domain

  • College, Career, and Military Readiness  (Graduates only)
    • Meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Criteria in ELA/Reading and Mathematics. A graduate meeting the TSI college readiness standards in both ELA/reading and mathematics; specifically, meeting
      the college-ready criteria on the TSI assessment, SAT, ACT, or by successfully completing and earning credit for a college prep course as defined in TEC §28.014, in both ELA and mathematics. – Summer
    • Earn Dual Course Credits. A graduate completing and earning credit for at least three credit hours in ELA or mathematics or at least nine credit hours in any subject. – Summer
    • Earn an Industry-Based Certification. A graduate earning an industry-based certification under 19 TAC §74.1003. – Fall
    • Earn an Associate’s Degree. A graduate earning an associate’s degree while in high school. – Fall
    • CTE Coherent Sequence Coursework Aligned with Industry-Based Certifications. A CTE coherent sequence graduate who has completed and received credit for at least one CTE course aligned with an industry-based certification. (1/2 point awarded) – Summer


Closing the Gaps Domain

  • Student Groups
    • Current and Former Special Education Students Receives or received special education services in any of the preceding three years – Summer PEIMS
    • Current and Monitored English Learners (ELs) Current LEP students and monitored ELs through year 4 – Fall


  • College, Career, and Military Readiness Performance Status (Graduates plus students in grade 12 who did not graduate and were in attendance during last six weeks of prior year)
    • Same indicators in Student Achievement Domain

3.2.PBMAS #

3.3.DVM #

Data Validation Monitoring (DVM)


DVM SUMMARY 2018 Reports New Reports


Discipline Data Analysis 2018 UPDATE

These Indicators use Discipline information from Summer PEIMS data: Action Codes, Action Reason codes, Behavior Location Codes,  and Actual Length of Disciplinary Actions for the calculations as per the DVM Manual.

Note that a few indicators use the Birth Date to calculate the students age as of Sept 1.

Additionally, some of the indicators also use Attendance, to get a cumulative count of students served, from Summer PEIMS data Attendance records.

Example: #5 High Number of Discretionary DAEP Placements


Example: #6 and #7 Discretionary DAEP Placements for African Americans and Hispanic, respectively, use the Race/Ethnicity data reported in Summer PEIMS.


3.4.Federal Accountability #



  • Step 1

  • Step 2


MANUAL – Icon 

  • Directs user to the OnDataSuite User Manual that includes a search feature to enable user to quickly locate area(s) of information.



  • Past Training – Use the “Go to” drop down to locate webex recordings and handouts for trainings sessions that have already been conducted.


  • Upcoming Training – Register for any training at no cost.


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