PEIMS data for ECDS – KG – 2018-19

1.File Center #

File Center: PEIMS ECDS Reporting is based on PEIMS Summer Records


Click on the Informational “i” at the end of the 2018-19 Summer PEIMS file to ensure that the following Summer PEIMS interchange files have been loaded into the File Center.

  • Interchange Student
  • Interchange Student Enrollment
  • Interchange Staff Association



2.PEIMS Student ECDS Reporting #

Student Tab

PEIMS Student Report Center

  • Select Summer PEIMS>Student Section Association
    • Choose desired year(s)
  • Select Criteria
    • NOTE: ( add first criteria – create report), then (add 2nd criteria – create report), next (add 3rd criteria- create report). This will allow the user to view results at each step.
      • Consider not filtering for criteria 3.
      • Consider not filtering grade, only service ID, or vise versa. Filter Grade = KG , don’t filter Service ID
    • Criteria 1: Grade 
      • Filter  – KG
    • Criteria 2: Classroom Link – Service ID
      • Filter- Kinder (be sure to check all the applicable boxes)
    • Criteria 3: Course Completion Indicator
      • Filter on 1-Course Completed
    • Criteria 4: Homeroom Indicator 
  • Click ‘Create Report’ button to view results


  • Drill down on totals to see student lists on each report above:


  • Use ‘Column Options’ to review additional data:

  • Click on “Add  New Column” 
  • Select the following: PEIMS Student/Summer Enrollment/LEP/ 2018-19

  • Click add and “Submit Changes” to view report

NOTE: Save reports created by using bookmarks.

3.PEIMS Staff ECDS Reporting #

Staff Tab

PEIMS Staff Report Center

  • Select Teacher Class Assignment  -Choose desired year(s)
  • Select Criteria
    • Criteria 1: Service ID
      • Filter on Search: Kinder (be sure to click all the check boxes)
  • Click ‘Create Report’ button to view results


Drill down on the count to see the list of teacher/aids:

Use ‘Column Options’ to add and review additional data: 

Click Add New Column:

  • Data: PEIMS Staff
  • Record: Teacher Class Assignment
  • Criteria:
    • Role ID – Teachers
    • Class Role
    • Class ID Number
    • Assign Begin date
    • Assign End date


  • Next, try using the “Grouping” option to create a separate row for each class, if needed.

  • Submit Changes to view report
  • NOTE: Save reports created by using bookmarks.

4.ECDS Student Class List - Report #

This report provides a listing of students along with the class ids, service ids, and teachers for PEIMS ECDS reporting.

  • Grade levels PK and KG
  • Completed courses
  • PK and KG service ids

Sort columns or export to excel for more sort/filter options to view only KG.


NOTE: The Default view of this report provides a separate row for every class:


However, there are options for changing the “view”. 

  • Click on ‘Column Options’ and remove ‘Grouping’ checkbox from Class ID Number to see a separate row for each teacher a student has:

  • Go to ‘Column Options’ and remove ‘Grouping’ checkbox from TX Unique<br/>Staff ID to see a single line per student with classes and teachers ‘wrapped around’:

5.Support #

Please submit a ticket if you have any questions or suggestions.

 – top right of screen


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