Fall PEIMS Accountability Data – CCMR, PBMAS, DVM

1.Training Overview #

The training is intended to review FAll PEIMS data that is used in various Accountability measures such as A-F/ College, Carrier, and Military Readiness (CCMR), Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS) and Data Validation (DVM) indicators to proactively address potential triggers or respond to interventions.

2.File Center #

OnDataSuite File Center

  • Both Fall and Summer PEIMS TSDS interchange files need to be uploaded into the OnDataSuite file center for the current year.(Preliminary files welcome!)
  • The TEA Cohort list(s) should also be loaded, as well.

View File Center
Locate the ‘file center’ link located at the top of the screen in the black menu bar, then click on the ‘Data Sources’ link located in the black sub-menu bar.

  • To View PEIMS files loaded, select PEIMS-TSDS tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • To view the CCMR files that have already been uploaded, select the TEA Cohort List tab and  scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • To view the TEA Cohort files that have already been uploaded, select the TEA Cohort List tab and  scroll to the bottom of the page.

Upload Data Files
If a more current files are available, contact the OnDataSuite Administrator to request the upload(s). Instructions for locating and loading files available at manuals.ondatasuite.com.

3.A-F/CCMR & Graduation Rate #


Student Groups – Fall Data – For EWS ONLY!

Race/Ethnicity Groups

Economically Disadvantaged – ECO Dis membership/membership

English Learners – LEP monitored years 1-4 (exited from LEP)

Special Education – currently

Former Sped – past 3 years

Continuously Enrolled – 3 years for grades 4-12 and 2 yrs for 3rd grade

Not Continuously Enrolled

CCMR Criteria – Fall data in red

AP/IB – Course Completion/Summer

Dual Credit -Course Completion/Summer

*Industry Certification – Leaver data/Fall -Post Secondary Licensures

Associate Degree – Course Completion/Summer

IEP – SPED Graduate codes (Leaver data/Fall) -04, 05, 54, or 55

Armed Forces – Graduates (Leaver data/Fall) – Military Enlisted E1589 (intent/ document)

*Aligned CTE-(Fall) – Service IDS/Participation codes (2)

*TEA designated list

Graduates – TEA Longitudinal Cohort data (Leaver/Fall)



  • A-F Rating – uses Fall PEIMS data in the following areas:


Drill down to student list: Click on “count”/live link


Drill down to student profile: “SID” live link


4.PBMAS (Performance Based Monitoring) Reports #

Locating the PBMAS Reports

PBMAS reports are located on the Accountability tap, in the bottom left quartile,  titled Performance Based Monitoring

Bil/ESL folder – Students enrolled on snapshot for all indicators

CTE folder – Students enrolled on snapshot for all indicators

ESSA Folder – Students enrolled on snapshot for all indicators

SPED folder – Students coded enrolled for all indicators

5.DVM (Data Validation Monitoring) Reports #

Open Leaver Data Analysis folder and review reports.

6.Customize/Enhance Reports #

Customize/Enhance Reports
All reporting through the OnPoint system has been designed to allow the user to drill down to the student level.   Customize and/or Enhance the student lists through the following methods.


Build a “Support Report” via Student Report Center

  • Leaver/Graduate Year/ Criteria 1 = Military Enlistment ( Check Armed Forces)
  • Leaver/Graduate Year/ Criteria 1 = Graduate Code ( Check IEP)
  • Leaver/Graduate Year/Critera 1 = First Post Secondary Licensure (Check IBC)


  • CTE Enrollment/CTE Course Service ID – Filter CTE Certs (Check CTE Aligned IBC)

Student List View

  • Columns can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the report header title. The first click will sort ascending. Clicking again will sort the values descending.
  • Tool Options from Student List View
    • Export to Excel –  Export the student list to excel.
    • Bookmark – Bookmark the student list.
  • Focus List – Build a list containing a group of students to run reports and exploew.
  • Column Options
    Select the ‘Column Options’ button located at the top of the list to modify the existing columns/rows of data or add additional columns.

Adjusting Column Views
While in the column options window, each column the report is displayed . Adjust column views in the following ways:

  • Rearrange Columns – Click and hold the blue up/down arrow and moving them up or down to place the field in the desired location
  • Delete Columns – Click the trash can icon
  • Hide Columns – Select the hidden checkbox
  • Display Type – Adjust displayed value to show the code value, the description or both

To complete the process, click the green ‘Submit Changes’ button – top right. 

Adding Columns  
A very powerful reporting option at the student level allows you to add data fields to the report.

Step 1. From the student list click, on  ‘Column Options’.

Step 2. Click on the green ‘Add New Column’  

Step 3. Select the Data Type, Record, Column(s), and Year from drop down options. Then click “Add”.

NOTE: Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to confirm that they have been added.


Step 4. Click the the green ‘Submit Changes’ button to add these rows to the report list.  


Review and repeat the process to add other columns or amend columns.

7.Best Practices #

Insure most current files are loading into OnDataSuite File center: Fall PEIMS, Summer PEIMS, Longitudinal Cohort Files

Review Accountability triggers that could be detonated by the Fall PEIMS data BEFORE the file is sent to TEA.

Include Program Directors (SPED, BIl/ESL, CTE…ect) in the review of the reports. (Bookmark/share).

8.Resources #

Tickets Icon:

  • For questions, problems, or feature requests, be as specific as possible.
  • NOTE: Include url to “report” for reference and/or attach a screen shot.

 Manual Icon:

  • Search for File upload information or other “how to’s”…ei Bookmark, Add Columns


Training – Located on Support tab

  • Register for upcoming training (right)
  • View Recorded trainings/handouts (left)

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