Fall PEIMS Staff and Finance Data Review/Audit

1.Getting Started #

The Fall PEIMS Fiance Session will highlight information from the PEIMS FALL data submission.


System Log In Screen
•Login Name
•Click “Login”

Browser Support
•Chrome version 44 or higher – (Preferred Browser)





Forgotten Username / Password
If you have forgotten your username or password please contact your local system administrator for a reset.

2.File Center #

Located on the black menu bar at the top of the screen.


  • Data Sources
    • District Fall PEIMS TSDS Interchange files -preliminary or final file accepted

File Review – Scroll toward the bottom of the screen to verify PEIMS FALL file for desired year(s) has been loaded

  • NOTE: Keeping data current is key to accurate reports so please contact your OnDataSuite Administrator if a “fresh” file needs to be loaded.
  • Every time a new file is loaded it is a complete overwrite of the previous file loaded for that year and submission.

Note: A “Preliminary” file means that the data is NOT the “Final” file that will be sent to TEA therefore expect data to change.


Click on the count of Fatals, Warnings or Specials for ALL or by interchange file.

Use “Campus” drop down to view by campus.

Click on the Business Rule Number to see the what/who has triggered the error.

Export the list to excel.

Best Practice – make corrections in the HR System and re extract/export PEIMS interchange files. Then upload new files into OnDataSuite.

3.Dashboards #

  • Fall Dashboard:
    • Student Total -View Snapshot totals and trends. Info can assist with adjusting budget areas as needed.
    • Special Services- Verify all applicable Instructional Settings
    • Student by Program and Other Student Information- Ensure students are identified correctly for weighted funding


  • Campus Dashboard – Campus List:
    • Produces a count of teachers, as of snapshot
    • Click on count to view the list of teachers
    • If access allows, click on Staff Profile link


  • Campus Dashboard -Campus Teachers


  • Operational Dashboard
    • Teachers years of Experience and Teacher/Instructional Aide Retention Rates use Fall PEIMS data for calculations.
    • Hover over the informational “i” to view pop up for specifics.

4.Staff #


Validation Reports – Fall PEIMS

Custom Reports – Fall PEIMS 


Report Center

  • Payroll Accounting-(Employment/Payroll)

Criteria 1 = “Payroll Activity”

Criteria 2 = “Organization/Campus”

  • Responsibilities – count of records)

Criteria 1 = “Role ID” Criteria 2 = “Highest Degree Level” filter = “(0) No Bachelor’s degree or higher”

Criteria 1 = “Role ID” Criteria 2 = “Number Days Employed”

Criteria 1 = “Role ID” filter= “087” (teacher) Criteria 2 = “Population Served”

  • Staff-(count of staff reported with employment, payroll, responsibility, or classroom link)Criteria 1 = “Campus”

    Criteria 1 = “Ethnicity/Race”

Criteria 1 = “Function”

Criteria 1 = “Fund”

Criteria 1 = “Gender”

Criteria 1 = “Highest Degree Level”

Criteria 1 = “Percent Days Employed”

Criteria 1 = “Total Years Prof Experience”

Criteria 1 = “Years’ Experience in District”

Criteria 1 = “Program Intent” Criteria 2 = “Role ID” filter = “087” (teacher)

Criteria 1 = “Role ID” filter = “087” (teacher) Criteria 2 = “Program Intent” = “22” (CTE)

Criteria 1 = “Role ID” filter = “087” (teacher) Criteria 2 = “Total Years Prof Experience” range = “0-0”

4.1.Staff Profile #

  • View staff profile by:
    • Locate staff from a staff list or by using “Search”

    • Clicking on the staff id or “View Profile” located on a Staff List.

Payroll History

5.Finance #

PEIMS Finance Custom Reports: (right side)

  • Shared Service Arrangement Reports
    • Shared Service Membership
  • Financial Well Being Reports
    • Total Staff and Total Student By School Year


Report Center: Creating Ad Hoc Reports

  • Budget – Fall (PEIMS data file contains current year budget financial data as of snap shot day)

Criteria 1 = “Fund” + filter “199, 211”, etc

            Criteria 2 = “Function” + filter “11”

            Criteria 3 =  “Object” + filter “Expenditures”-6100 (payroll)

Criteria 4 = “Program Intent” or “Campus”

  • Throughout the year this will always provide a “static” picture of the budget approved at the beginning of the year.
  • Upper right change to previous years for a quick historical comparison.

6.Bonus - Student #

Student tab:

PEIMS Summary and Review Reports (Custom Report Section)

7.Report Options/Tools/Features #

Report Options  – Upper right corner of the report

  • Graph Control – Pie, line or bar graph
  • Heatmap On/Off – High and low data points

  • Export to Excel
  • Bookmark – Saves report under “Bookmarks” in the black menu bar
  • Show Percents


Print– a hard copy





Drill down on totals to generate a list of staff.

8.OnPar #

Financial Data comes from reports released by TEA and is auto loaded into OnPar as it become available.

  • Select – Budget to view Fall data trends from PEIMS information.
  • See various criteria on “Reports” drop down tab”
  • Switch to “Per Pupil”, as desired.
  • Select “My Reports”. The default is “TAPR”
    • Choose – Profile “Staff Demographics”



Select Criteria for Report using Drop down options.

  •  Peer List

9.Support/Training #

Support Tab

  • Training
    • Past recorded trainings on left
    • Register for upcoming training sessions on the right


  • Ticket Icon – located in top right screen in black menu bar. Enter a question, problem, or feature request with detailed information and click “Create Ticket”


  • Manual Icon – Located in top right screen on black menu bar.

Use to locate “how to” steps and system/functionality instructions.

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