Fall PEIMS Student Data Review

1.Training Overview #

This training will cover the review of student Fall PEIMS data prior to the TSDS submission. It will include:

  • TSDS Edits
  • Preliminary Audits and Validations
  • Multi year comparisons
  • Drilling down into details to find/resolve data quality issues

1.1.File Center #

Before using OnPoint to review the Fall PEIMS data, the Fall PEIMS interchange files must be uploaded into the file center.

  • NOTE: User must have access to load files in order to see the tab
  • These TSDS Fall PEIMS interchange files will originate from the SIS.
  • NOTE: Use CHROME to upload files into OnDataSuite.

Uploading Fall PEIMS TSDS Interchange files


  • Go to the ‘File Center’ link located at the top of the screen in the black menu bar.
  •  Click on the ‘Data Sources’ link located in the black sub-menu bar.
  • Select the PEIMS – TSDS blue button
  • Use the green “Click to upload PEIMS- TSDS files” tab to browse to the Fall TSDS PEIMS interchange files created by the SIS


  • Select ALL interchange files to be loaded at once – the order does NOT matter.

NOTE: Subsequent file uploads will completely wipe and replace all files currently loaded for this submission/year. (Functions like EDIT+)

    • Make sure each interchange file is “labeled” correctly
      • Year: 2018-19
      • Submission: Fall
      • Preliminary: If this is NOT the final file going to TEA, check the box. (If left blank it will default to “Final”.  A “Final” file may also be overwritten in case of a resubmission.
    • Use the ” Start Upload” tab to add files to your database. “Cancel Upload” will remove the files.

Review Only – Files go to the programmers for review only and do NOT load into the database

When the file upload process is complete, the system will automatically combine all interchange files into one file and parse the various elements to the appropriate tables.


Review Uploaded File(s)

Scroll  toward the bottom of the screen to view a list of all the files that have been uploaded by Submission and date. The file status will show  final or preliminary according to the selection made when loading the file. The administrator that uploaded the file is also listed.

Locate the information ‘i’ icon located to the right of each field name.

  • This screen shows the interchange files that have and have not been loaded.
    • “Not Found” – interchange file was not included in data load
    • “Dependency error” – part of the data for the interchange file is missing
  • User may rename the file using the “Edit File Name” tab at the top right
  • User may  change the status of “Final/Preliminary”, as well as the number of 6 weeks included in the file using the “Click to change file status tab” at the bottom left.

1.2.TSDS PEIMS Edits #

TSDS PEIMS Edits are found under the “File Center” tab/ TSDS Edits subtab.

NOTE: Must have a district level account and permission to view Social Security Numbers in order to access Edits.

May be filtered by campus


Click on count of edits to produce the edit summary, which may be exported to excel.

Click on the edit # to populate the detailed list of students and the elements creating the edit, which may also be exported to excel.

1.3.Dashboards #

FALL DASHBOARD – Available at District and/or Campus levels. Provides a disaggregated count of students in various groupings.

BEST Practice:

  • View totals and percents for reasonableness.
  • Use top right drop down to select a different year for a quick comparison.
  • Print for study/review

Use live links to drill down to the set of students creating the count.



CAMPUS LIST- Available for District level users only.

Allows user to select a specific campus (campus name is a live link in the left column) to view each campus dashboard individually.

NOTE: Student counts are populated from Fall snapshot data counts and is a live link to drill down to a list of students at that campus.

1.4.Student Validation Reports #

Located on the Student tab-blue menu bar




* Fall Pre-Validation Limited Scope Attendance Audit Review -TEA audits



“Funding Data Validation” folder

1.5.Student Custom Reports #

  • Click on any folder to display reports in folder
  • Click on title of report to run the report
  • Note any available filter options and tools

  • Bilingual / ESL Reports
    • “LEP Services Survey”
      • Fall snapshot of all Bilingual/ESL service related PEIMS coding including Parental Permission Summary.
  • CTE
    • “CTE Coding Summary”
      • Students who have taken 1 or more CTE course within the last 4 years and/or currently enrolled in a CTE course. This report may be used to assist with determining the CTE indicator code for fall snapshot.
  • Economically Disadvantaged Reports
    • “Student Economically Disadvantaged Campus Review”
      • for codes ’01’ and ’02’
  • PEIMS Summary and Review Reports
    • “Snapshot Enrollment Detail”– list of students with special program coding
    • “Student Data Review”– count of students by program for a single school year
    • “Fall PEIMS Historical Comparison”– count of students by program for multiple school years. Also, displays fall staff counts
    • “Fall PEIMS Checklist”– multiyear comparison for “key” PEIMS reporting fields with % difference option
  • Miscellaneous
    • “Retention Report”
      • Calculated by comparing each student’s grade level as submitted in the Fall PEIMS to the most recent attendance record and course completion records fro the prior school year.
      • BEST Practice: Add At Risk Column to this report
    • “Student Mobility Report”
      • Student who are considered to be mobile between campuses within your district.
    • “FHSP Distinguished With Endorsement Breakdown”
      • Summary information on graduates with FHSP distinguished and the endorsement breakdowns

1.6.Student Report Center #

Fall Related Ad-Hoc Reports– to audit data for current year and multiple year trends as well as data anomalies.

Use “?” for information on each category/record.


                       Student tab – Student Report Center


  • CTE Enrollment –  (includes CTE Course and CTE Program Enrollment records)
    • Criteria 1= “Career and Technology Ed”
    • Criteria 2= “Grade”
    • Criteria 3 = “Special Ed”   (check for CTED)


    • Criteria 1 = “CTE Course Service IDs”
    • Criteria 2 – “CTE Approved IBC” – New for CCMR 


  • Fall Enrollment – Snap shot counts
    • Criteria 1 = “Campus”
    • Criteria 1= “At Risk
    • Criteria 1= “ADA” Fall Enrollment
      • Criteria 2 = “Grade”

(Check KG for full day)

    • Criteria 1= “As of Status”
    • Criteria 2 = “Grade” 

(Check 1st or 2nd time 7th grader for As of Status of X or A-G)

    • Criteria 1= “Bilingual
    • Criteria 1 = “Campus ID of Residence”
      • Criteria 2=”Student Attribution Code” – Check for PEG Students ($)
        • Criteria 3 = “ADA Code- Fall”
    • Criteria 1= “Career and Technology(CCMR)
      • Criteria 2 = “Grade”
    • Criteria 1= “Dyslexia
    • Criteria 1= “Economic Disadvantage
    • Criteria 1 = “Early Reading Indicator”
    • Criteria 1 = “ECHS”
    • Criteria 1 = “ESL”
    • Criteria 1 = “Ethnicity/ Race (2010 Census)”
    • Criteria 1 = “Foster Care
    • Criteria 1 = “Gifted and Talented
    • Criteria 1 = “Grade
    • Criteria 1 = “Homeless Status
    • Criteria 1 = “Immigrant
    • Criteria 1= “Intervention Strategy” – New
    • Criteria 1 = “LEP
      • Criteria 2 = Home Language
        • Criteria 3 = Student Language 
    • Criteria 1= “Migrant
    • Criteria 1= “Military Connected” 
    • Criteria 1= “P-Tech” – New
    • Criteria 1= “PK Program Type” (filter out “00”)
      • Criteria 2= “ADA (Fall Enroll)” (Ensure Program types match ADA Codes)
    • Criteria 1 = “Primary PK Funding Source”
      • Criteria 2 = “Secondary PK Funding Source”
    • Criteria 1= “Regional Day School Program for Deaf”
    • Criteria 1 = “Retained Status”
      • Criteria 2 = “At Risk”
    • Criteria 1 = “Section 504 Indicator” – New
    • Criteria 1 = “September 1st Age”
      •  Criteria 2 = “Special Ed” – filter = “1”
    • Criteria 1= “SSI Code
      • Criteria 2 = “Grade”
    • Criteria 1= “STAR Of Texas” – new for PK eligability
    • Criteria 1 = “T-STEM”
    • Criteria 1 = “Title 1”
    • Criteria 1 = “Unaccompanied Youth”


  • Leaver – Report list year that student actually left district – not the year reported
    • Criteria 1 = “Leaver Reason”
      •  Criteria 2 = “As of Status”
    •  Criteria 1 = “Military Enlistment”- CCMR
      • Criteria 2 = “Grade Level”
    • Criteria 1= “First Post Secondary Certification Licensure” –CCMR!
      • Criteria 2= “Second Post Secondary Certification Licensure”- 
        • Criteria 3 = “Third Post Secondary Certification Licensure”-
    • Criteria 1= “Associate Degree Indicator” –CCMR
    • Criteria 1 = “Graduation Type”
      • Criteria 2 = “SPED -Fall” -(filter 01)- CCMR


  • Special Education Program Enrollment 
    • Criteria 1= “Grade
    • Criteria 1= “Instructional Setting
    • Criteria 1= “Primary Disability
    • Criteria 1= “Speech Therapy

1.7.Student Profiles #

To Locate either:

  1. Go to search and enter student information:

   2.       Student profiles may also be accessed from a student list. Click on the “View Profile” sub link or the students SID #, located in the first row of a student list.


Student Information tab


Leaver Data

Graduation Data

Title 1

Enrollment Tab

PEIMS Snapshot




2.BEST Practices #

View new reports in Beta Version in Pre-Release under the “Support” tab.

Provide Department Chairs and Campus Officials with access to data/reports for verification (CTE, Bil/ESL, SPED, ECO Dis, Homeless, Foster, GT).

Review data longitudinally across years for trend analysis.


To get to the support screen click on the ‘Support’ tab located at the top of the screen in the black menu bar.

Pre- Release 




Please provide as much detail as possible so that our team can respond as soon as possible to your question or concern.


Manuals tab – review “How to” in the users manual.

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